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erp software in action at dueker abas erp
Customer Story

Düker GmbH


Düker GmbH

For what seems like eternity in the fast moving IT industry, abas has partnered with Düker GmbH & Co. KG. The company has a wide range of products. Focusing on the core competences "casting" and "surface finishing", a variety of products are manufactured for individual areas of application. This is a challenge for a business IT in terms of flexibility, adaptability and releaseability. abas has been handling this job brilliantly since 1997. Through regular upgrades Düker is able to benefit from the technological progress without losing individual adjustments. For example, the reorganization of the entire logistics could be represented in the standard software without difficulty.

Fast Facts

Metal Fabrication
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Germany, China
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Especially during the upgrade, I am amazed about the options abas ERP provides thanks to its specific software architecture. In the past years, we often adjusted functions that we required by means of the flexible user interface programming which is integrated in the software. These modifications remain after an upgrade. We carry out the adjustments as well as the upgrades, which can be implemented in one weekend, ourselves. In the case of capacity bottlenecks, we can always rely on the help of our supporting abas partner. Including all costs, i.e. maintenance costs or costs for an upgrade, abas ERP scores excellently when compared to other systems.
Christian Kern, Head of IT

Foundry products
erp software in action at dueker metal fabrication abas erp
Project Highlights: 

• Highly complex product generator
• Comprehensive pricing, bonus and discount calculation
• Shipping control system
• Molding box processing for the foundry
• Set processing with variant logic
• Costing expansions per sales order
• Expanded processing of confirmations
• Loading equipment management
• Diverse workflows
• Expanded vendor valuation

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