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Crystalfontz America


Crystalfontz America

Crystalfontz America is a supplier of LCD, OLED, and other display modules. Its products are used in embedded systems, rack-mount servers, instrument clusters, and other devices. It also manufactures and sells a wide range of accessories, including touch screens, cables, PC mounting brackets, and development/demo boards.

Crystalfontz America continuously pursues quality improvement through internal systems and processes that allow each employee to do their job right the first time, every single time. The company’s stated mission is simple: “to provide quality Displays, Embedded Products, & Support to meet customer needs.”

Fast Facts

Custom Manufacturing
Serial Production
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Spokane Valley, WA
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abas ERP gave us one place where everybody in every department can find product information. Implementation of abas ERP is another step in the company’s conformance to industry best practices. Consolidating our data into one integrated system has reduced staff time spent verifying inventory, increased our productivity, streamlined data entry, and eliminated redundant documentation.
Alicia Moore, Project Manager

LCD and OLED Displays, LCD software, accessories
Crystalfontz product
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Crystalfontz America operates a very complex manufacturing operation with demanding quality requirements for high-technology products. Its primary goal in partnering with abas ERP was to gain visibility across its entire operations, as well as enabling the sharing of data across the company. By integrating its systems and data through an ERP system, the company was enabled to work smarter, with more coordination and in a data-driven manner.

Put simply, the siloed nature of Crystalfontz America’s systems prior to implementing abas ERP led to wasted staff time spent on manual operations that needed to be repeated across systems. With abas ERP, they were able to eliminate these redundancies and inefficiencies, so staff was freed up for more strategic, revenue-generating activities. Now, the tech company has more time to put customers first, not its internal processes.

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