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Beckwood Press Company


Beckwood Press Company

Beckwood Press Company, based in St. Louis, Missouri, is more than just a machinery manufacturer. It’s a world-class builder of presses that designs, engineers, manufactures and ships the most reliable and long-lasting hydraulic presses, specialty forming equipment and machinery.

Beckwood manufactures machines that are engineered to customers' specific application requirements. As Beckwood customer Rob White, President of Dahlstrom Roll Form, explains, “Our presses have functioned accurately and reliably for many years, and our operators like the standardized interface that Beckwood works with us to create on each machine."

Beckwood is an industry leader with a global presence in the hydraulic press marketplace, supplying a variety of industries including aerospace and defense, energy, automotive, construction, and agricultural.

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St. Louis, Missouri
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Beckwood is in business to fundamentally change the way customers approach manufacturing challenges. We offer customized solutions that provide innovative and competitive advantages to our customers. abas has provided that same idea of change to us in how we operate on a day to day basis. Through cutting edge features and a customizable interface, we have realized a more efficient, transparent method of conducting our business that allows us to better focus on creating change for our customers.
Josh Schroeder, Lead Project Manager

Custom equipment and machinery with a focus on hydraulic presses
Beckwood press company machinery
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As Beckwood Press grew, it faced a massive challenge. The company has many disconnected systems that kept important operational data within silos. The team needed an ERP partner to help them drive systems integration, gain greater visibility into its data, and offer enhanced tools to both track and accurately cost its production.

Beckwood chose abas because it had the features they needed and, from Beckwood's forward-looking perspective, more of the cutting-edge features it might need to support its future growth. After the abas ERP implementation, Beckwood improved data visibility and shareability, as well as adding the costing tools it needed.

The company also customized an estimating component in abas to help them generate quotes for customer orders. The custom estimator takes pre-made estimated BOMs of common subassemblies that use up-to-date cost information from the system and combines them with sales formulas to generate an accurate and fast quote. This streamlines the estimating process and ensures that current cost data is being used, a win-win for both Beckwood's customers and for profitability. Beckwood Press can now easily track and cost everything it does.

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