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E. Bachiller B., S.A. was founded at the end of the sixties by Eliseo Bachiller, the current chairman of the company, and is currently operating in its second generation. The company focuses on the development and production of machines for the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries at the national and international level, which it outfits with appliances for the processing of solids, fluids, and pastes. The reason for this was the company policy of ABAS, which focuses on complete licenses instead of additional modules and which makes investment in the future its principle.

“Thanks to its flexibility, abas ERP could be customized to the needs of our company. In our industry it is very important to make the right decisions to ensure raw materials supply. With abas I have access to all the information I need to simplify decision making. With the aid of the search tools, the individual departments can find necessary information quickly and easily. With the abas ERP system I can receive information in real time, allowing me to monitor deviations between planned and actual data.”
Carlos Megías, Operations Manager
Project Highlights: 
  • Implementation of purchasing, sales,warehousing, production and cost accounting


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