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After remarkable growth, ADA Cosmetics’ previous business software reached its limits. The German based market leader in premium hotel cosmetics used an individual software to cover their business processes. Due to a broad product range, their new system had to be able to manage batch and process manufacturing as well as custom and small-scale production. Because ADA Cosmetics distributes through various national and international locations, it also had to be equipped with multi-user features. abas meets all these requirements and now assists the hotel cosmetics specialist since 2001. With evolutionary and innovative abas, ADA works with a tool that easily connects new locations and continuously optimizes processes. abas has exceeded all of ADA‘s expectations over the years. ADA saves costs and reproduces their needs in abas without losing upgradeability.

We chose abas ERP because we were confident that we could perform upgrades and make modifications to the software ourselves. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, we have been able to map every defined change in the software. With other systems I have worked with during my professional career, upgrades took months. With abas, a new release is imported over a single weekend. That's an enormous cost advantage, as significantly less IT capacity is required when compared with other systems.
Christian Estenfeld, Head of Pre-Production
Project Highlights: 
  • abas is used and supported in multiple location across the world
  • Central production client
  • Upgrade compatibility


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