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ABEL Pump Technology

ABEL specializes in reciprocating displacement pumps for varying flow rates and pump pressures. One of the company’s core competencies is membrane pumps. Together with ABEL’s usual quality standards, the design principle of the hermetically sealed pump is especially suited for abrasive, aggressive and even shear-sensitive media. Thanks to their technological edge in mechanical membrane pumps, ABEL has earned a well-respected reputation around the world. ABEL has customers in diverse industries, including mining, water and sewage management, ceramics, chemical, oil and gas as well as energy. ABEL has relied on abas since 1993. Thanks to regular upgrades ABEL remains up to date with current versions and technologies. ABEL uses abas at their headquarters in Germany as well as at their distribution and service branches in Pittsburgh (USA) and Madrid (Spain).

We have relied on abas since 1993. The software enables us to remain competitive in a global market and helps us achieve our goal of constant improvement, which ensures long term success and continued innovation.
Christian Dietl, Managing Director
Project Highlights: 
  • Scheduling based on the same product master record for pumps, replacement parts and accessories
  • Global financial consolidation (US GAAP)


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