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CeBIT 2017: Automate your business with ERP Workflow Designer – Secure your free CeBIT ticket today

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At CeBIT this year abas will demonstrate live how companies can model their business processes in apps and roll them out with the click of a button. The software developer based in Karlsruhe, Germany, will discuss how business software applications are changing as a result of digitalization, particularly for midmarket manufacturers. At this year's CeBIT it's all about workflows at abas Software AG in Hall 5, Stand A20. The motto: "Automate your business." Secure your free CeBIT ticket today!

The ERP specialists have developed a graphic Workflow Designer, with which users can access and modify their relevant business processes. The goal is to make complex, business-critical processes available to even untrained employees, thanks to an interface similar to modern apps. The workflows are intuitive; available on PCs, tablets and smartphones; and guide the user as needed. This enables companies to quickly adjust to changing requirements, as well as edit and roll out business workflows centrally. Various representative workflows will be spectacularly visualized at the redesigned CeBIT stand.

One of the new workflows addresses a core topic for the ERP provider abas—the automation of commercial and administrative processes. This includes the approval of purchase orders and quotations, or integrating new team members. Another workflow aims to achieve Predictive Maintenance: Status data from machine components are recorded and combined with information from third-party systems. The goal is to recognize unusual patterns that could indicate disruptions early and initiate the appropriate preventative measures.

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To roll out defined processes for mobile users, workflows will also be available on smartphones and tablets. This means, for example, that a delivery can be received or reclaimed or a mobile service engineer can initiate a repair order.

Industry 4.0, IoT, and Fragmenting require flexible connections between critical systems, such as adjusting production processes to new business models. One of the new workflows, for example, automatically sends a request for a sanction list check to a third-party system when a purchase order is received. This system performs the check and sends a suspect notification to the ERP system, whereby the workflow will create an individual approval request and push it to the appropriate decision maker. The decision maker can either approve or reject, and the information is then automatically returned to the ERP system.

Of course using these new applications in the company requires the appropriate infrastructure. This is where the Cloud comes into play, which, according to abas, is no longer avoidable: A current IDC study found that 84% of all newly developed software applications are Cloud-based systems. Further studies hold that the market for Private Cloud, meaning the customer knows where the data are stored, will grow by 40–50% annually in the coming years. abas wants to take part. At the start of 2017 abas made their first Cloud offering available in the USA on a subscription basis, i.e. as a rent model. Seventy percent of the requests abas receives in the USA are already for Cloud services.

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