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Are you already an experienced professional in your field and looking for new possibilities to develop your career? At abas, we like to focus on developing and expanding the skills and experience of our team members. Exciting tasks, challenging projects, and innovative technologies ensure that there is never a dull moment. By actively promoting the exchange of ideas and opinions, encouraging constructive criticism, and advocating mutual respect and support, we've created a fun and rewarding work environment. And that's just one of the reasons why many of our team members have been at abas for so long!

Michael N., Runner, Mountainbiker, Climber and Project Manager.

As a project manager at abas I get a lot of satisfaction from being able to structure processes and lay the groundwork for our customers to make the most of abas ERP. In addition to coordinating schedules and tasks, I really enjoy moderating organization meetings. I like working in a team, the open and cooperative atmosphere at abas, and the way we approach customers as partners. It's a great feeling to know I can always rely on my colleagues. I also get the opportunity to work on projects in a broad range of industries and become proficient in new fields, which is exciting. I really value the room I'm given while implementing projects—that was not the case at the previous company I worked for! Being able to decide whether I work in my office, at the customer's location, or from home is another big plus.


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