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ChromaScape Uses abas ERP to Run and Grow its Customer-Based Business

In this new video from abas USA, learn about how ChromaScape's team took their business to the next level by implementing an ERP system. Their focus is squarely on their customers, and abas ERP has been a critical part of their success. 

"What differentiates us from the competitors is what we call Real Tangible Value," said Jason Thomas, ChromaScape’s Manager of Customer Service and Inside Sales. "It’s the value we bring to our customers. We really care about them and give them the best customer service in the world. Our customers put in an order, and they know we're going to take care of that order."

abas ERP helped ChromaScape by providing real-time visibility into their data, improving communications between multiple locations, and streamlining processes. Find out more in this video.

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