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Break down the barriers in your business with truly connected ERP

Business always works better without barriers.

When manufacturers knock down the walls dividing disparate departments, communication flows freely and functionality reigns.

Where are the walls at your facility?

If a production team misses out on crucial data regarding an updated order, that's a wall.

If a sales team can't rely on past purchasing information to populate a customer's latest procurement needs, that's a wall too. And if a receiving team can't quickly figure out what a new shipment is and where it's supposed to go, guess what? Another wall.

Manufacturing is all about bringing pieces together to form a unified whole greater than the sum of its parts - so, why can't manufacturing operations work the same way?

Say 'bye bye' to barriers with abas ERP

abas ERP connects the varied departments via data pipelines and accelerates system-wide workflow with automated features. Instead of processing orders linearly, the fully integrated abas ERP allows manufacturers to operate simultaneously thanks to real-time information updates and mobile apps for workers on the go.

What does that mean for the customer? Besides more intelligent production management, abas ERP keeps important work order information right at the customer's fingertips with process tracking capabilities. And for the business itself, abas ERP gives manufacturers new ways to take advantage of their operational data and share important up-to-the-minute details across their entire enterprise.

Furthermore, with such powerful accessibility in the hands of employees and supervisors alike, facilities process orders at break-neck speed, optimize labor and minimize communication breakdowns that hurt customer relations and muck up throughput.

No more silos. No more hang-ups. Nothing but efficiency with abas ERP. To learn more, check out our latest video below or visit our website for additional information.

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