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Mobile Service Request

The Service Request mobile app is a tool that allows you to add, view and edit service requests on the go, helping you streamline your customer service processes.

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Mobile Service Request in abas ERP


Streamline your customer service processes:
The service request app allows you to adhere to customers faster by filing service requests in real time, and viewing their service history so you can better attend to their needs.
Simple user interface:
The service request app has a user friendly interface, enabling your staff to navigate through the app quickly and efficiently.
Migrate a service request into a work order:
The service request app saves you time by allowing you to immediately turn a service request into a work order while you’re on site.
Mobile Service Request app

Access to customer service history

With the Service Request app, you can look up your customer’s service history to see what type of service they’ve needed in the past by filtering requests based on customer status or date. This can give you a better understanding of various components of the service request, such as what materials you’ll need and how long the project will take, so you can better attend to your customer’s requirements.


Plan for service requests in real time

The Service Request mobile app gives you the ability to facilitate service planning in real time by allowing you to add a service request into the system while on site. The app also allows you to release a service request directly into a work order.



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