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ERP Software für mobile Prozesse abas ERP

Mobile Service

The Service mobile app is an application that gives traveling service technicians an easy way of knowing how to fulfill their service orders. With the Service mobile app, users can view service orders on site, fill out completion reports, and sync all of their data directly into abas ERP.

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Mobile Service with abas ERP mobile apps


View and update service orders, even while on customer sites
Keep your schedule organized:
The service app includes a calendar with a list of appointments and the date and time of each reservation.
Plan your team’s time efficiently:
Engineers can file completion reports and log what time he or she was on site and what parts were used.
Get reports anywhere:
Print out reports wherever you are, or email them to the customer on site.

Service appointment tracking

Service technicians can view their scheduled appointments through the Service app. They can make modifications and adjust their service schedules even if they are out of the office. If a service technician realizes that they have two conflicting service requests, or if they are working on a service request that is taking longer than expected, the technician can modify the service reservations through the mobile app. If a service technician adjusts their schedule on site, they can arrange for email notifications to be triggered to notify affected customers that there has been a change in their schedule.

Service Appointment Tracking

Service confirmation

The Service mobile app allows you to print out reports of the service orders you’ve completed, or email them to the customer while you’re on site. You can also capture a customer’s signature with the app for proof of completion.


  • View service orders on the go

  • File completion reports that track the hours consumed and parts used

  • View appointments and reservations

  • Print out reports or email them to customers on site
Mobile Service App

Visibility into the technician’s progress

The Service app gives managers visibility into their technician’s progress by displaying how much time is being spent on the completion of a service request, as well as how much of the materials are being used. The status of all of a technician’s service appointments is available for their manager to view any time throughout the day.



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