New product release abas ERP 20


Announcing the most extensive upgrade in abas 40-year company history - abas ERP 20. Feature rich with customer-specific updates made possible thanks to the unique architecture. The new release focuses on more process security with enhanced controls, offering a new dashboard technology and integrating previously chargeable add-ons into an overall ERP package, while being highly customizable.

abas ERP 20 - Most extensive ABAS ERP upgrade to date

With the release of abas ERP 20, abas Software is expanding the range of functions of its ERP software, which has over 120,000 users in small and medium-sized manufacturing and distribution businesses around the world. The focus of the updated version is on increasing process security while maximizing flexibility in order to adapt processes to individual company needs. In addition, over a dozen functions that were previously subject to a surcharge are now included in the standard scope of delivery. These functions include mobile applications for warehouse management and shop floor for production data acquisition (BDE).


Inventory scanning device and inventory app

The Warehouse Scanner Solution supports the optimization of warehouse processes.


Mobile shop floor app on tablet

Mobile production data acquisition via the integrated shop floor application.

The electronic invoice function is now also integrated in the bundle. Plus the abas Dashboard technology, which in addition to pre-configured standard overviews and cockpits, allows you to build views according to individual requirements in the dashboard editor - without any programming.

Another unique feature of the abas upgrade is that all customer-specific adaptations are retained during the update. This is not the case with most ERP manufacturers. With abas, the individual programming in the installed version does not have to be carried out again after the update is in place. This lowers the total cost of ownership.


ABAS ERP 20 dashboard editor

Custom dashboards can be created with just a few clicks.

Improved process security

For the upgrade, abas defined new standard processes, expanded plausibility checks and sharpened existing process guidelines. Seven new transaction types were developed for this functionality, which ensures maximum clarity. They are easy to use, reduce the possibility of incorrect entries, and simplify day-to-day business in purchasing, sales, service, warehousing, manufacturing, and financial accounting. Users not only benefit from improvements in everyday business visibility, but abas ERP 20 prevents incorrect entries in the ERP system and the resulting errors with regard to inventory, warehouse values, ​​and calculations.

The integration of the previous add-on abas BPM Toolkit in abas ERP 20 also strengthens process security. BPM stands for Business Process Management, a tool for workflow and process automation that helps businesses adapt processes quickly to changing market requirements. According to the established BPMN 2.0 standard, company-specific business processes are graphically mapped, automated, and rolled out throughout the company and systematically monitored.

Quality management and connectivity

Quality Management and the two tools abas Connect and abas PDM Documents are now also included. Quality management is based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Users now carry out quality planning, assurance, and control as well as reporting without an additional add-on. abas Connect and abas PDM Documents ensure more connectivity: The integration platform abas Connect simplifies the exchange of messages between abas ERP and third-party systems in the IoT environment. A quick connection of machines is possible without any programming. For manufacturers, the smooth communication between PDM and ERP systems contributes to a considerable acceleration and improvement of construction-intensive processes. Reason enough for abas to also integrate the PDM Connector, because it ensures the continuous flow of information from work preparation to construction through purchasing and sales.

New dashboard technology

The new release offers the user a self-service editor tool to create their own information dashboards and design them specifically according to the requirements of individual departments, users, or functions. Data and key figures can be prepared graphically with the help of various widgets and supplemented with external information. abas ERP 20 contains 20 standard dashboards which include a production overview and process chain view.


ABAS ERP 20 production overview screen

The Manufacturing Dashboard acts as a true control center.

Licensing and Authentication

The new abas license server ensures fully automated licensing of all components of the ERP installation and automatically updates them to the latest versions. This means that third-party access to the system is no longer required. Also new in this context is the integration of the Identity and Access Management component Keycloak in abas ERP 20. This is a single sign-on solution that enables secure authentication and thus the transfer of the ERP login to all connected components. Advantage: The user can, for example, log into abas ERP automatically at his workstation using the Windows login.

The complete ERP solution

abas ERP 20 is a comprehensive solution featuring the optimal combination of tailor-made manufacturing functionality and flexibility that is required for the implementation of the unique business processes of small and medium-sized manufacturers. “This is how we help our customers master their challenges as a manufacturing company on a daily basis,” summarizes Patrick Markowski, Vice President Product Management, abas Software.

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