abas is launching the "Digital OR Dead" awareness campaign

abas is launching the "Digital OR Dead" awareness campaign for the German midmarket and invites digitalization managers to the "Transformation Camp" of the Digital Factory at the Hannover Messe 2019.

Everyone is talking about digital transformation, IoT, or Industry 4.0. But only few small and medium-sized businesses know what it's really about. This has been confirmed by a recent study conducted by the Technical University of Central Hessen*. Experts and providers often choose language teeming with jargon, but never explain what matters most: How and why new, disruptive technologies are changing everyday life and the perspectives of established businesses. Or what midmarket businesses can do to remain competitive.

Karlsruhe, abas Software AG - Together with renowned partners from research, education and consulting, abas wants to raise awareness with a major campaign. There is broad consensus that the German midmarket has fallen behind in terms of digitalization. Specifically: The comparatively low degree of digitalization of key business processes is already affecting the competitiveness of many companies today. "Some consultants even estimate that nearly half of the midmarket distributors in Germany have disappeared over the last 15 years," explains Mark Muschelknautz, CMO, abas Software AG.

Where as larger companies with relevant departments and research projects remain on the cutting edge of technology, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing industry find it difficult to identify relevant developments early and use them to their advantage. The good news: "The technical possibilities are out there and their implementation is often not very expensive", according to Mark Muschelknautz.


Awareness campaign "Digital or Dead"


Digitalization test will identify degree of digital maturity of medium-sized companies

The "Digital OR Dead" campaign, starting in February 2019, aims to provide small and medium-sized companies practical tools. A compact digitalization test will help companies identify their degree of digital maturity. Particularly interesting: Companies will have the opportunity to see how they compare to other businesses in their industry. In the next step, interested parties will be carefully brought up to speed on the current solutions. abas provides simple explanations on how to digitalize key business processes, while avoiding complicated, specialist vocabulary. In the third step, an individual to-do list, which focuses on the topics or business areas that should be prioritized, is drawn up based on the digitalization test.

As the highlight of the Digital OR Dead campaign, abas will set up a 170-square-meter "Transformation Camp for the Digitalization of Midmarket Enterprises" at the upcoming Hannover Messe 2019, from 1-5 April, 2019, in the Digital Factory, Hall 7 (Booth B40). Production-oriented companies from all over Germany can reserve free Hannover Messe tickets for their digitization managers, including a visit to the Transformation Camp. At the booth, participants can take the Digitalization Test. Following this, a fictive company will be used demonstrate how participants can digitalize their own business. The demonstration includes product development, marketing and sales, inbound and outbound logistics, production, procurement, and service in a gigantic live installation.