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Competitive businesses depend on efficient processes, strategic investments and motivated individuals. If coordinated effectively, these components shield an organization from even the most disruptive technological changes. But achieving this level of business agility is by no means trivial in the face of complex infrastructures, high transaction volumes and dynamic business models.

That’s where abas comes in. For more than 35 years, abas has helped production-related companies around the world create change and profit from digital transformation—with our advanced ERP software, smart business process consulting, and the deep expertise of our employees and partners.

Flexible and adjustable ERP software is the key to fully unlocking any organization's potential. Whether management or controlling, purchasing or sales, service or accounting, production or warehousing: As a comprehensive solution, abas ERP provides each user the exact functions and information they require.

All business areas profit from our broad product portfolio, which, in addition to core ERP functions, also includes a selection of valuable add-on solutions, from APS to Project Management. And thanks to mobile apps, our users have access to their data and processes anywhere and anytime.

abas in North America

abas is among the ERP software pioneers. Founded in 1980, we’ve grown organically and expanded worldwide. No investors, just our own success. We embody classic midmarket success, borne out of the creativity of our motivated team. Operating out of Sterling, Virginia on the East Coast and Carlsbad, California on the West Coast we develop, market and support the abas ERP solution, bringing together the threads of the abas community: research and development, cooperations and partnerships, and hosting of Cloud services.

abas USA office and people

The quality of our software development defines us. At abas, we've been successful because we address a market we know well: Other midmarket businesses with 50 to 2,000 employees, often owner operated, in the manufacturing or distribution industry.

Our experienced abas Experts provide direct consulting services including business process optimization, ERP implementation, custom development, and ongoing support to midmarket businesses in custom manufacturing, industrial machinery, automotive and supply, electronics, component production – particularly metals processing and plastics - as well as small series and make-to-order production.  Our team helps you meet the challenges of the future and increase your competitive capacity.

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The road ahead

Digitalization, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, new business models—these are the critical trends and market developments challenging businesses. Which strategies can the midmarket use to remain competitive? abas offers customers perspectives for the future:

Cloud ERP, on-premise or hybrid ERP

The Cloud has become indispensable and is revolutionizing businesses' IT infrastructures. As of 2017, abas offers customers maximum flexibility: ERP entirely in the Cloud or strictly on-premise, or the extension of an on-premise installation to include Cloud services.

Ready for the Internet of Things

abas ERP is your gateway to the Internet of Things: It's always been our goal to enable abas customers to seamlessly and comfortably connect third-party systems through open interfaces and secure connectors, and provide all the technical resources for your IoT-readiness.

Business processes rolled out and applied like apps—simple and intuitive

Model business processes on a digital white board using a friendly editor—without any programming expertise. Not only can you design processes, you can also react to changing requirements quickly and adjust processes. New workflows and processes are rolled out with the click of a button and integrated in users' dashboards.

Solutions beyond ERP

Our vision for the future of ERP includes an app store concept: Individual functional components that can be downloaded and installed from an online store. abas is launching this ecosystem this year.


Want to know more about how to tackle critical trends and market developments? Learn more in our Critical Market Trends Whitepaper!

Arbeiten bei abas

Working at abas

At abas you can make the most of your talent and skills: Exciting tasks, challenging projects, and innovative technologies ensure variety. By actively promoting the exchange of ideas and opinions, encouraging constructive criticism, and advocating mutual respect and support, we've created a fun and rewarding work environment. And that's just one of the reasons why many of our team members have been at abas for so long!

Want to get started at abas? Check out our current job openings!

  • 6 Facts About abas

    6 facts you should know about abas

    Did you know that many Hidden Champions rely on abas? Or that our customers use abas ERP to optimize their processes? Or that we achieve excellent budget and deadline reliability rates with a proven project strategy? Find out more about abas here!

abas locations

Just as important as the software you choose is the know-how of your implementation partner. Business process consulting and effective project management are critical to success. All over the world, abas sales and implementation partners can provide you with help and advice on site.

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Company Values

What are our goals and purpose? What drives us? Find out more about our abas company values.


People are our greatest asset. We treat people with fairness and respect.


We promote responsibility. We take responsibility for our actions.


We foster a passion for innovation, which has been a key factor for our success in a highly dynamic and fast-paced world.

Strive for excellence

Every day, we strive to be better. We challenge ourselves and the status quo regularly.

abas at a glance

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Career at abas

abas is the global partner for champions, especially Hidden Champions—midsize organizations that lead their market segment. These companies understand that technology or innovation will only get you so far. It's people that will take you to the top.

People make the difference

No matter which company you look at—small or large, innovative or bounded by tradition—below the surface you'll find people. These are the people whose ideas, diligence and skill determine the success of a company.

At abas we passionately believe that employees are the heart and soul of business achievement. We're always on the lookout for people with drive, who are eager to help us continue our success story: Creator, maverick, nerd, challenger, or good with customers— abas is the right place for you!

abas's success is built on the strength and dedication of our team—and we're continuing to grow worldwide! Want to be part of our team? Then apply now!

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Your consent can be withdrawn at any time by sending an email to [email protected] . We assure you that we will treat this information as strictly confidential and that it will be used by abas Software GmbH and abas partners only (privacy policy).

North American Headquarters

abas USA
45999 Center Oak Plaza
Suite 150
Sterling, VA20166

North American Headquarters

abas USA
45999 Center Oak Plaza
Suite 150
Sterling, VA20166

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