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ABAS Business Solutions' sustainable development

Since its foundation, ABAS Business Solutions has been committed to helping companies operate better, helping its employees to develop and grow in a healthy and enjoyable working environment. For ABAS Business Solutions, actions to improve economic, social and environmental performance go together. This socially responsible approach, which initially focused primarily on developing a caring work climate, has steadily evolved.

By their very nature, the services offered by ABAS Business Solutions promote the digitalisation of the industry and in particular the reduction of paper consumption. For example, Document Management System (DMS), workflow automation (BPM) or electronic invoicing modules such as EDI. 

Many abas ERP functionalities are aimed at optimising resources to the real needs of production, such as Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS), and at accurately forecasting customer requirements with integrated Business Intelligence (BI) functions. Ordering only the materials and machines required and producing only the items that will be consumed also contributes to reducing our customers' carbon emissions.

In addition to supporting industrial companies in their digitalisation and optimisation of their production, here are our main corporate citizenship initiatives:


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ABAS Business Solutions, a protagonist in the employment of both young people and senior citizens

Every year, ABAS Business Solutions grows both geographically and qualitatively by hiring talent from a diverse range of backgrounds. 

Geographically, in 2019, for example, the offices in Nantes (France), Reims (France) and Málaga (Spain) were established. In 2020, the offices in Assen (Netherlands) and Porto (Portugal) were opened.

In addition, we regularly recruit new talent to participate in the company's development. And for all these talents, whether young graduates or senior profiles, we deploy our personalised mentoring process. This programme is based on meetings - 1 month, 3 months and 6 months - between the "mentor" (the most experienced person in the company) and the "mentee" (the new talent). For the mentee, the mentoring programme considerably speeds up the process of taking over the position and integrating into the company, because a designated person is there to answer all his or her questions. And it helps the mentee to feel comfortable from day one. But we also see positive impacts on the mentor who develops new skills such as taking a step back or active listening... And for the organisation globally, mentoring promotes the sharing of a common culture beyond generational differences.


ABAS Business Solutions is committed to women's access to industrial and digital professions

icon woman abas
For several years now, ABAS Business Solutions has been encouraging women to enter the fields of industrial engineering and digital development, increasing the number of women in its workforce and facilitating access to positions of responsibility for its female collaborators.
In a sector where women are under-represented (15% on average), at ABAS Business Solutions today, they represent 28.8% of the workforce (vs. 18.2% at the end of 2018). And the objective is to surpass the 30% mark by the end of 2021.

A policy of citizen mobility

ABAS Business Solutions has adopted a corporate mobility plan aimed at optimising and increasing the efficiency of employees' mobility. While the well-being of employees remains the preferred criterion, the environmental criterion is also taken into account. Indeed, the mobility policy aims to reduce road traffic and polluting emissions. The fundamental principles of our mobility policy are as follows:

Bicycle icon

Favour active mobility: For short home-to-work journeys, impact-neutral modes of transport such as cycling are encouraged. For example, where possible, we install a bicycle storage room. Beyond the impact on avoided carbon emissions, this reduction in short journeys has a clear impact on the health and well-being of our employees.

Person with microphone picto

Adopt new work practices to avoid travel: With the implementation of videoconferencing tools and meeting rooms equipped with video projectors and cameras, many short format off-site meetings are now avoided and replaced by digital meetings. Thanks to the encouragement of partial home-working, home-to-work travel is also reduced.

Finally, of course, some journeys require the use of the car, particularly for our customers' training sessions at industrial sites that are not accessible by public transport, which is why we favour car-sharing and train our employees in the principles of eco-driving.

Employees' health

As we spend a large part of our waking time in the company, it was important for ABAS Business Solutions' Human Resources that employees feel good and participate in their well-being. Here are some of the actions taken:

  • Encouraging them to take part in sports: participation in races such as the Barcelona Half Marathon (eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona), the Run'in Lyon, the New York Marathon (TCS NEW YORK CITY MARATHON) or the Companies Race of Vitoria (Carrera de las empresas).
  • Encouraging the consumption of healthy products: providing organic teas, herbal teas and organic fruit. 
  • Decontaminate the office atmosphere with the installation of depolluting plants, relaxation areas, silent (noise pollution) and open-plan office policies.
  • Reduce travel fatigue with part-time home-working, videoconferencing tools, flexible working hours, etc.
  • Designing workspaces: investing in equipment adapted to the well-being of employees, bright and spacious offices, etc.
  • eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona 2020

    eDreams Mitja Marató de Barcelona 2020 - abas Team
  • Run'in Lyon 2019 

    Run'in Lyon 2019 - abas Team

  • Carrera de las empresas 2017 Vitoria 

    Carrera de las empresas 2017 Vitoria - abas Team
  • Organic tea at abas

    Organic tea

Zero waste

If our activity is not considered as a waste-emitting activity as such, we have put in place a number of actions in this respect: 

  • Limiting the use of disposable plastic in the kitchen: purchasing reusable dishes, installing water filtering fountains to eliminate plastic bottles and purchasing carafes for meetings and gourds for employees and customers.

  • Reducing packaging and favouring organic: organic tea and sugar bought in bulk and coffee beans

  • Implement a responsible printing policy (printer settings: double-sided, black and white by default, collection and recycling of ink cartridges)

  • Limiting paper consumption, in particular by introducing pay slips and incoming and outgoing invoices in digital format

  • Setting up recycling processes: this is currently being set up according to the offices and municipal resources available

Limiting energy consumption

ABAS Business Solutions has set up communication actions concerning energy consumption: raising awareness among employees to turn off lights, computers, screens, heating and air conditioning before leaving the offices in particular. In addition, to make up for any forgetfulness, the heating is automatically switched off outside office hours.

renewable battery picto

Regarding IT equipment, the IT department makes sure to invest in energy-saving equipment (e.g. use of rechargeable batteries vs. disposable batteries). Obsolete equipment for professional use is revalued (resale, recycling, etc.).

Light Bulb

In addition, ABAS Business Solutions decided in 2020 to opt for a 100% French renewable energy supplier (hydraulic, photovoltaic and wind power) for its Lyon site. Our energy supplier has been ranked No. 1 by Greenpeace. In Barcelona, the energy supplied by the provider is also green. This action should gradually be extended to the other sites.

Supporting positive actions for global well-being

In this area, two main actions have been undertaken: sponsoring the International Judo Tournament in the town of Altkirch and the planting of 2000 trees in Haiti in partnership with Reforest'Action and the association OJUCAH.


Since 2018, we have been supporting the International Judo Tournament of the town of Altkirch because it transmits and represents the values of courage, involvement and kindness in which we believe, as well as the integration of all publics from children to veterans, men and women.

People holding baby tree

In 2021, we propose to our employees and customers to join in the planting of 2000 trees in Haiti. Each customer and employee will be offered a code to plant a tree in order to contribute to the reforestation of this country and the development of food security for its inhabitants. To find out more about this project, read our article ABAS Business Solutions supports the Saint-Michel-de-l'Attalaye reforestation project in Haiti.

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