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What is an ERP Selection Process?

How To Select an ERP System

Selecting the right ERP system for your company is a complex undertaking, and there are multiple factors to carefully consider. The goal should be to select an ERP software package that's a good fit for your company and its particular requirements. One size does not fit all, and you should run (not walk) away from any ERP provider who indicates otherwise. A typical ERP selection process will help you evaluate where your business currently stands and determine which areas can be improved upon, so you can select the right ERP solution that will help you achieve your goals. 

Because an ERP selection process and an implementation of a new ERP system requires people to do their job differently, it is very important to understand the user requirements, not only for current processes but also for future processes. Without detailed user requirements, the review of systems for functional best fit rarely succeeds. The requirements must go into sufficient detail for complex processes, or processes that may be unique to a particular business. If not done well from the start, unclear requirements can create complications down the road as the implementation moves forward. 

Most important question to answer in a ERP selection process:

Chances are that you are very methodical when it comes to the ERP selection process for your company, because so much is at stake. When choosing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, being meticulous is the only way to go. Making the right choice for your ERP system will improve your business’ operations, automate most data-driven processes, and integrate your entire infrastructure. A failed ERP implementation can be very damaging to your business. So due care is needed, as is finding an experienced partner.

Looking for information on how to select the right ERP system for you? Click the image below to download the Guide to Selecting ERP in 7 Easy Steps.

How to select an ERP in 7 easy steps


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