The ERP system for manufacturing companies.
Fits today. Fits tomorrow. Fits exactly.

With Abas, medium-sized manufacturing companies control all material and financial flows and increase their efficiency, productivity and profitability. 

What if you didn't have to compromise on your ERP system? 

Your decisive advantage over the competition: The perfect combination of high production functionality and great flexibility to implement your unique business processes. With Abas ERP, your company is ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Especially in the dynamic digitalization environment, whether on premise or in the cloud. 

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Experience for yourself the advantages of working with Abas ERP! Short product videos detail: 

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The midmarket solution
ideal for 50 to 500 employees

"Without Abas, we wouldn't have been able to achieve our global success over the last years, this healthy mix of owner-managed family business and globally leading innovator: In almost all areas of the company, Abas helps us meet our own high standards in terms of quality, environmental and resource conservation as well as compliance. It also enables us to continuously meet the high demands of our customers." 

Martin Heusel
IT and Project Manager
Gehr Kunststoffwerk GmbH & Co. KG

The perfect fit for
internationally operating companies

“We are certain that with Abas we're well positioned for the future and can successfully master upcoming challenges. For us, Abas is the partner for the future – both in Germany and in our foreign branches.“  

Manuel Grimm 
Management Consultant & Project Manager
asecos GmbH 

Proven standards,
high quality and customization

"In our opinion, Abas is the right ERP provider to prepare us for the future. Thanks to the software’s high adaptability, all business processes can be mapped without any problems – so we're also ideally equipped for new requirements that arise."   

Kevin Lohrer
IT Specialist
CREFORM Technik GmbH 

High degree of
customer satisfaction and loyalty

"We are very satisfied with Abas and wouldn't want to switch to another provider for any amount of money. The progress we have made in terms of automation and the time saved as a result are simply brilliant."  

Peter Turczak
Managing Director
WIWA Wilhelm Wagner GmbH & Co. KG 

user community

"The participation in the Abas Product Advisory Board has given us an interesting insight into the current developments. It allows us to provide feedback from real-life operation at a very early stage, for example, during the design phase, and contribute to the further development at Abas. In addition to the cooperation with the EUG (ERP User Group), this is another important step in the collaboration of Abas with its customers to ensure that development is in line with market and practical requirements. I look forward to continuing the cooperation on this board." 

Sandra Webster
Business Process Consultant
J. Schmalz GmbH

Top scores for adaptability/flexibility, release compatibility, stability, commitment, and project support.

Trovarit study "ERP in Practice: User satisfaction, benefits and prospects 2022/2023" 


Customers worldwide

Operating in more than 25 countries




Above average customer satisfaction


Years of experience

Proven ERP system and extensive expertise



Abas ERP enables fully informed decision-making with KPIs, evaluations, easy-to-create dashboards, and additional BI functions.

Abas ERP: Data-driven decision-making


Abas delivers simple data exchange with third-party solutions. With the integration tool Abas Connect, you can link machines and entire manufacturing plants.

Simple connectivity & IOT

Robust manufacturing 

Effectively manage your manufacturing processes, plan resources and deadlines, and continuously monitor your production.

Abas ERP: Robust manufacturing management

Abas ERP Functions

A comprehensive solution with over 
25 powerful functional areas

Abas ERP delivers continuous support in all business processes - from purchasing, sales and scheduling to production, warehouse, service and financial accounting. Learn more about some of the most important functional areas and how they can help you master your daily tasks.

ERP knowledge

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Finding the right ERP system is a complex challenge. Our extensive collection of ERP software information includes blog posts, white papers, FAQs & more. From the ERP selection to the ERP implementation and real-world operations.

Abas ERP industries
We live for manufacturing

Abas ERP was developed for mid-size manufacturers. With extensive industry knowledge, best practice experience, and a deep understanding of your individual processes and requirements.


Our core industries include: 

Abas customers
Hidden Champions rely on Abas

"Thanks to our ERP system, we now know exactly what costs are incurred and how much we earn and where. We quickly achieved our profit optimization goals by using Abas to continuously improve processes and workflows throughout the company."

Michael Schneider
Authorized Signatory at ADAPT Elektronik GmbH