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"What if" Financial Scenarios

Corridor controlling, integrated in abas ERP, is an analysis and management tool for planning financial figures. It is implemented in the profit and loss statement (P&L), the balance sheet and cost accounting. With corridor controlling you can plan revenues, profits and cost objects. It supports consistent, results-oriented business management and delivers key figures for business planning and control of the fiscal year.

Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps


Reliable liquidity planning:
Efficient reporting tool:

Corridor controlling serves as a report system for auditors that helps them prepare their auditor's report.


Graphing your financial corridors

The three corridors result from using these four planning scenarios: best case for optimistic planning, possible case for realistic planning, break even and worst case for crisis scenarios. The current values form the actual curve in one of the corridors. If your business results range in the corridor between possible case and best case, your fiscal year is developing well. If these results range between break even and worst case, you can take necessary actions.

The chart lines can also offer additional functions. A detailed drill-down function, for example, allows you to access the underlying budget data in other detailed evaluations or charts.

Corridor controlling collects data and consolidates it in account forms, cost type forms, and cost element ranges that are created, in part, automatically.

abas gives you the flexibility to select the actual figures used to the basis and determine the planned figures and influencing factors. Scenarios can be quickly and easily generated, and info systems provide graphical and tabular evaluations.

  • Early warning system

    Corridor controlling in abas ERP helps you set up an early monitoring system.

    Reporting system for auditors

    abas ERP's controlling tool also serves the reporting system for auditors.

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Recording finances in corridor controlling

Since accounting as a whole is fully integrated into abas ERP, all of the actual data from the P&L account and the balance sheet is available in real time. Budgets and planned data are generated using the actual data. Revenue from cost objects, production cost posting in the cost center, or both in a single profit center can be planned in corridor controlling for fixed and variable costs. When corridor controlling has been set up in abas, highly informative charts are available to support result-oriented company controlling. Using a planned scenario that is graphically mapped in three corridors, the development of actual figures can be tracked at any time. The charts supplied by corridor controlling enable the quick creation of a risk report.

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