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Service Processing

In order to offer effective service, you need details about the products purchased by the customer in their latest configuration. abas ERP Service Processing manages the services for sold products, such as repairs or scheduled maintenance work – both on site at the customer and in house. With service processing, you can maintain all of the service management processes efficiently, including service engineer assignment planning, assignment report recording and invoicing.

Repair processing supports you in all the work carried out in-house from the repair order and cost estimate to recording the materials and times needed for a repair. Billing models, such as warranty/goodwill or a service contract, are available to help you manage your repairs efficiently.

Thanks to the service product BOM, you can immediately identify both the product build and service history and any potential spare or wear parts. For each service product, you can track which parts have been replaced or installed additionally over the course of time. This means that you are able to provide information at any time and can immediately plan service assignments and repair processing.

All activities involved in a service process can be queried using a variety of info systems. Completed work is recorded and cleared in the financial area of abas ERP.

Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Service Processing


Plan ahead:

Create reliable plans for scheduled maintenance and service work to better organize resources and capacities.

Detailed history:

Receive direct access to all repair and service histories for each product or each customer, including cost estimates, orders and invoices.

Service from anywhere:

Monitor internal repairs or repairs by the manufacturer and plan service assignments on site in detail with accurate records of work carried out and spare parts used.

Build trust:

Build long-term customer relationships based on offering reliable service quality, scope and speed.


Easily track maintenance and repairs

The service overview gives you a high-level look at the maintenance and repair process information quickly and at any time. A customer-related view, which displays all running service products and processes, is also available. For example, the service employee can plan service assignments, repair processing and trigger invoices.

Where it all begins: the service request

If a service case arises, the service request is usually the first contact with the customer. This initiates the subsequent processes for the service case. This means that faults and incidents are recorded and managed without a pre-existing service or repair order. A service request can form the basis of a cost estimate, or a service or repair order.

  • Evaluate service efficiency

    Is providing exceptional service important to you? With abas Service Processing, you have a valuable tool for managing all the services for a sold product. abas ERP also helps you evaluate your service efficiency from the perspectives of capacity utilization, availability, repeat purchase rate and Continuous Improvement Process (CIP).

    Service Processing

On-site service with mobile apps

The Service mobile app gives service technicians the ability to view service requests on site from their mobile device, and file completion reports so managers have visibility into their progress. The app also allows service technicians to view their schedule, and make adjustments if necessary, while they’re on site.

Device file with lifecycle BOM and spare/wear parts list

You use the service product BOM to archive all of your materials or assemblies used. Subsequent postings of parts that are already installed in a service product are automatically added to its service product BOM. For every product sold, information about the site, master product number, order number, warranty period, production BOM, costing and scheduling is documented. This means that for the entire product lifecycle of every service product, you can track which parts have been replaced or additionally installed.

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