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Service Planner

The service planner provides graphical service assignment planning in abas ERP, and offers an ideal overview of all service activities and resources. Different views enable the planning and control of service operations, the correct scheduling of engineers and resources, and an overview of the available resources. The graphical tool allows you to easily schedule service resources using drag & drop, filter using standard and individual filters, and produce printouts of reports.

Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Service Planner


Planning and scheduling of service assignments made easier:

Thanks to graphical displays, your service assignments are significantly easier to plan.

Optimal overview:

A range of views help you keep well informed at all times, showing you service orders, resources, capacity utilization and materials.


Service planner views

  • Order view with service quotations, service orders, associated service reservations and procurements from production, purchasing and relocation

  • Resources view with allocation information for all engineers and engineer teams as well as the associated service resources

  • Site view with an overview of engineers and sites associated with service assignments Capacity utilization view with a graphical evaluation showing the capacity utilization level of engineers and service resources

  • Materials view with purchase order suggestions and purchase orders, work order suggestions, work orders, relocation suggestions and stock withdrawals with the corresponding service reservations

  • Sales order view with schedule view.

Service planner functions

  • Zoom, search, filter and schedule functions (drag & drop)
  • Link to information systems via call parameters
  • Drill-down to all relevant abas objects
  • Selective or automatic return posting
  • Individual and operational reporting including further processing in Excel
  • Online help
  • Full transparency for service orders

    The Order view of the Service Planner provides an overview of service quotations and service orders as well as service reservations and procurements from production, purchasing and relocations.

    Resources under control

    The Resource view shows you how your engineers and engineer teams are allocated as well as the corresponding service assignment resources.

    Service Planner

Service locations

The location view of the service planner provides an overview of your engineers and the locations of service assignments.

Service at capacity

The utilization view visualizes engineer task loads and the utilization of service assignment resources as a graphical evaluation.

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