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Your requisition process can be expedited and largely automated in abas ERP through the abas bidding system and vendor portal, which help you easily create and manage bids from multiple vendors and quickly find the most cost efficient option for your business.

The system does this by generating a purchase order suggestion based on the main vendor, then allowing you to add other vendors and send a request to each one. You can initiate this entire process -- requesting multiple bids -- with just a few clicks. The abas vendor portal then allows your vendors to respond online and you to review the submitted quotes and automatically create the purchase order for the chosen vendor. A notification center creates automatic e-mails that notify the vendors whether or not they were selected.

Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Purchasing requisitions


Reduce email clutter:

The real-time Vendor Portal takes communications out of your email inbox and keeps them in your ERP ecosystem.

Manage bids efficiently:

All of the information about your bids and quotes is readily available in one place.

Save time in your requisition process:

It’s fast and easy to create and manage requisitions.

Real-time MRP data:

Integration with MRP means all of your dates and data are being pulled in real time from other parts of your system, eliminating the need for data re-entry.

Make smart bid decisions:

Base your purchase bid decision on lowest price, due date, or other factors.


Integration with your MRP

The integration of the requisition function with your MRP eliminates the need for data re-entry. Important dates, such as when you were scheduled to have purchased an item, when it’s expected to be delivered, the requirement date, or when the item is actually going to be delivered, are automatically pulled in real time from other parts of the system, allowing you to focus instead on analysis of the purchasing options that will best suit your business goals.

  • Requisitions with just a few clicks

    With just a few clicks your can create requisitions for various vendors based on the purchase order suggestions from abas ERP.

    Confident decision making

    Requisition management in abas helps you make informed decisions: You have an overview of all quotations and can reliably compare them to one another.

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Easy communication through the vendor portal

Through the vendor portal, your suppliers can update documents directly and be notified of any new pending requests. The portal syncs with the ERP system as soon as the vendor updates the request, eliminating the need for emails or other communications outside of your ERP ecosystem.

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