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Multi-Company Accounting

As manufacturers become geographically distributed -- whether it’s between facilities in the same city or ones that are continents apart -- you have the ability to create and manage financial transactions and reports across companies.

Multi-company accounting in abas ERP gives you that capability by helping you set up multiple companies in one database, run processes, close books, and report results by company or in a consolidated company.

Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Multi-Company Accounting


Centralize your data:

Consolidate and share financial data in various locations into one central database.

Make information more accessible:

Gain easy access to inventory, customer information and documents.

Improve data analysis:

Analyze results based on one individual company’s data, or encompass more than one company’s data into your analysis.

Work smarter, together:

Strengthen your collaboration with companies in your network, and integrate your systems.


Group data exchange made easy

abas helps to combine, analyze, and report on multiple business units, companies, and countries within your organization. You can strengthen collaboration between your companies, integrate systems, and use business intelligence to consolidate financial information across multiple companies.

Multi-company accounting in abas allows multiple companies to share centralized data, which facilitates billing and reporting. It provides easy, automatic, and streamlined intercompany processing in all modules and natively supports a virtually unlimited number of companies within a single database.  

In addition, abas’ multi-company accounting system can provide an easy way to access inventory, customer data, documents, locations, etc, in one company and with a few keystrokes, access the same data from another company. Companies can keep their database and financials in separate entities while reaping the benefit of ease of access.

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  • This is where all the threads come together

    With abas's group accounting function you can manage the transactions of the various companies in a company group. The ERP system enables you to invoice internal sales, prepare closings, and create reports for individual companies and company groups. 

    Look closer

    You can access information from any source at any time. You'll have profound insight into balance sheets and can dive down to the finest details.

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Mapping group structures

In order to separate group internal and external processes, abas ERP recognizes the group structures in the single clients.

Traceable financial data

The unique client code for import data of the individual clients allows you to trace financial data relating to consolidated clients at any time.

Automated inter-company sales

abas’ multiple company accounting functionality also automates the accounting for inter-company sales and cost-of-goods-sold eliminations between sister companies, simplifying these transactions.


Exchange of financial data

The financial accounting data from the single client must be transferred into the consolidation client. For example, the totals and balances list, or the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement can be the basis of the consolidation. abas transfers the monthly debit and credit amounts of each account into the consolidation client. The export and import data are controlled using the master data object "Group data exchange," and the range of data to be exported is fixed. Part of this data is, for example, the time period and the type of entry accounts (financial accounts, AR, AP) itemized according to sales tax item. You can check data in the import object. In order to transfer the monthly debit and credit amounts, the import data must be posted by clicking a button.

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