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Mobile TCI

With the TCI mobile app, users can log in and out when they enter and leave the office, as well as record how many hours they spend on each individual task or job. Managers can position terminals across the facility that allows their employees to log their work without having to waste time going back to the factory floor. The TCI mobile app also allows users to create printouts of work orders, and allows production warehouse users to view tasks and processes they have to complete for each job.

Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Mobile TCI


Track jobs more accurately:

With more frequent/accessible time card entry, your staff can provide more accurate, timely job data.

Stay informed:

Mobile TCI increases efficiency by providing information to users about how each job should be completed.

Payroll made easy:

Clock-in and clock-out feature records each user’s attendance for easy payroll processing.

Convenient timecard entry:

Eliminate the need for users to be logged into a terminal to enter their timesheets.

Print out work orders:

Your staff can print their work orders for better organization throughout their workday.

Optimizing your processes

Optimizing your processes

With mobile TCI data, a manager might notice that an employee gets a slow start in the morning and becomes increasingly productive throughout the day. The manager could use this information to increase productivity by rearranging the employee’s schedule to have them work on more active tasks in the morning that get them going.


Visibility into your employees productivity

TCI gives managers the ability to measure their employee’s productivity, and identify areas where workers are more or less efficient. With this data, managers can take action and re-optimize their workflows.

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