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ERP Software for materials management

Inventory Management

For any manufacturing or distribution company, managing inventory smartly is critical to the company's success. You need to know what you have in stock, where it is, where it's going, and how much it's worth. And in today's connected world, you also want to be able to track your inventory as it moves between suppliers, customers, production and distribution to ensure that your data is always accurate and up to date. 

abas ERP does this and more with powerful inventory management tools. Make confident, well-informed decisions with accurate data and full control over your stock levels.

Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Inventory Management


Complete control over your stock levels:

Analyze your key stock figures to optimize stock levels while reserving sufficient stocks to ensure timely deliveries. Determine the turnover rate of your products and the required stock coverage. Evaluate obsolete warehouse stock or customer-specific stock levels.

Know what you have available:

Calculate current stock values precisely using the method of your choice: perpetual inventory, periodic inventory, or inventory sampling.

Accurate stocktaking:

The distinguishing features of stocktaking in the abas ERP system are the clarity and transparency of the data structures and stocktaking methods, which can be defined to suit the requirements of your company.

Mobile integration:

The mobile solution offers an intuitive design that has been specially developed for mobile devices to process material receipt issues, transfers, and relocations faster.

Make informed decisions:

You have access to all of the information you need to make more informed decisions: What do you have in stock? How is the stock valued? What do you no longer need? What is the impact of custom prefabrication? Is there an acceptance risk?

Gain insight into where your stock is coming from and where it’s headed:

Document all of the information about the origin, use and destination of a lot across relevant areas along the supply chain based on lot and serial numbers.

Automatic updating:

abas ERP ensures that the quantity of available materials and goods is always up to date. Stocks are automatically adjusted when packing slips are posted or production quantities are reported.


Reservations made easy

Reservations speed up and facilitate goods issue. You use reservations to ensure that products and materials are available when needed. abas ERP offers you configurable reservation scenarios and allows simple transfers of reservations.

Route-optimized picking

The time between order receipt and shipping is reduced to a minimum by optimizing the routes from one pick part to the next. Thanks to shorter throughput times, you can process more orders and increase revenues.

  • Lot and serial number management

    Lot management covers all relevant areas along the supply chain that are managed in the lot information. In order to precisely track lot origin and use, you need to document all relevant information about lot movements, associated usage, and associated creation processes in the stock movement journal. With lot and serial number management in abas, you can easily record, manage and track each individual product. This ensures that each product can be uniquely identified in warranties and guarantees.

    Batch trace
  • Materials management creates liquidity

    abas ERP plans, manages and controls all material movements between vendors, customers, production and warehouses. abas ERP helps you to coordinate the flow of goods as efficiently as possible, speeding up stock turnover, ensuring the best possible stock levels, and maintaining a high degree of readiness to deliver. Our visualization and planning tools offer vital decision-making support for this.

    Stock Level
  • Managing product stock in containers

    In abas ERP, everything that is moved as stock in your warehouse can also be posted in containers. For goods receipts, picking, and shipping, warehouse management at the container level provides clear advantages. If products arrive in containers for the good receipt, these will also be automatically recorded in the stock as a complete container by recording the container or by a shipping notification per EDI. When picking orders, the warehouse employee doesn't have to search for a product at the storage location, but instead uses the container number to immediately access the right product or a whole container. This shortens picking times and reduces picking errors. You also save time for outgoing goods, as containers can be prepared for shipping, including their shipping requirements in the packing instructions, without repacking.

    Montage of many abas screens

Stocktaking made easy

In abas ERP, you can control the complete stocktaking process. All of the steps – from the creation and printout of inventory sheets with collective print option, to stocktaking start and entering quantities counted, to the output of difference lists and multi-level stocktaking completion – can be controlled centrally. Processed inventory sheets are archived automatically and enable a seamless recording of inventory. The "Stocktaking Center" now provides complete traceability.

Standard BI reports

Materials management BI reports show the development of the warehouse stock or stock values within a year, and the stock key figures of the past four years. Materials Management reports show you how the stock values change within a given year or in comparison to previous years. Key figure fluctuations within a month or year are easily identified. You can also recognize long-term trends for the products in question. This enables you to plan as effectively as possible to achieve a specific benefit.

Warehouse Group

FIFO, LIFO, etc.

Within abas, you can decide by product which consumption sequence (LIFO, FIFO) should be used. Once a consumption sequence has been stored for a product, each receipt of this product, including information on the receipt quantity, receipt date or expiry date, and cost price, is documented separately. Then, when the product is withdrawn, the stock quantity will be debited according to the defined sequence. The resulting costs will then be determined and set in material costs posting and the actual costing.

Packaging and shipping

Save time and money through the efficient management of logistics processes using the shipping processing in abas. It provides all the tools you require for shipping planning, packaging material management, picking, and customs and export processing. It helps you to accelerate picking and delivery, check orders for completeness, process invoices from forwarding agents, keep track of the transport containers in circulation, and facilitate faster delivery to your customers.

  • Visibility at every level: abas ERP harmonizes and provides full visibility over logistics processes. Real-time information about sales orders ready to be delivered, their processing status and access to delivery and shipping conditions ensure that your shipping department always has up-to-date information.


  • Efficient shipping planning: Efficient shipping planning guarantees you the fastest delivery to the customer. Shipping planning in abas achieves this by harmonizing logistics processes and providing greater transparency and an improved transport environment. Furthermore, cost and time savings can be achieved by storing products for a shorter period of time. With shipping planning, you can process complete deliveries, partial deliveries, outstanding deliveries and collective deliveries.


  • Packaging materials and packing instructions: abas ERP helps you prepare shipments as specified by the customer with the correct items, packaging materials and related information.


  • Container account management: With abas ERP, you can keep track of your transport containers in circulation and compare the information against the reports from your customers and vendors.

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