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Electronic data interchange (EDI) connects manufacturers, customers, vendors and business partners. Commercial documents are automatically exchanged between the IT systems of multiple business partners using established standards. With EDI, you can accelerate your business processes and avoid costly errors caused by manual processing.

EDI allows you to reliably manage the flow of goods, information and money. You can now maintain complete control over a flexible network of partners. EDI can be used to transfer order data from the customer's ERP/PPC system or the vendor’s ERP/PPC system directly into abas ERP.

Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps


Reliable standards:

Electronic data interchange (EDI) ensures a reliable flow of information by using uniform international standards such as ANSI/VDA/EDIFACT/ODETTE to exchange your business data.

Accelerate business processes:

EDI supports the rational design of your business process. Your business data is electronically transmitted to or from your business partner's system instantaneously, reliably and accurately. There is no manual data acquisition, nor any post editing of incorrectly recorded data. Your business processes are sped up significantly, e.g. delivery, billing and payment processes. This, in turn, allows you to speed up your cash flow and stock turnover.

Save time:

Using EDI, you can exchange data with customers and vendors around the world in a matter of seconds and automatically process it further. This allows you to do away with time-consuming manual processes. The paperless transmission of documents avoids lengthy mail delivery times, and unlike with email or faxes, there is no need to enter data manually or edit incorrectly recorded data.

Fewer errors:

Through electronic data transmission and automatic processing, not only do you avoid multiple recording of data, you minimize the risk of errors caused by manual data entry.


Fully integrated EDI processes

Standardized EDI processes are fully integrated. This represents a significant competitive advantage for you. The online integration of standardized EDI processes, in accordance with ANSI X12/VDA/ ODETTE/EDIFACT, automates operations, minimizes manual work and eliminates sources of error.

Key role for EDI database

The EDI database of an EDI processing system is the central point in the system for incoming or outgoing in-house files and also offers easy correction of errors.


Everything at a glance with the EDI center

The EDI center is a monitoring tool that checks the EDI database for the required period and lists the results. The EDI center information system provides an overview of all activities in the EDI area. This monitoring tool gives you greater visualization of incoming/outgoing EDI messages and helps with troubleshooting.

You can, for example, print out the original messages/reports and very easily configure the EDI import/export. The latest results and historical data are shown, making it much easier to obtain information.

  • Structure business processes logically

    EDI accelerates your business processes, including orders, deliveries, invoicing and payments. The data are transferred directly to your business partner's ERP system without delay.

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Reduce errors thanks to EDI

The electronic data transfer means data no longer need to be recorded manually. This greatly reduces the chances for errors.

EDI Architecture

EDI architecture

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