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Document Management

Every day, we create hundreds or even thousands of letters, e-mails and other documents. According to the IDC, 30% of our working time is spent searching for documents. This lowers your efficiency, making it harder for you and your staff to focus on more important business tasks you need to get done.

The abas Document Management System helps you to manage this flood of information. All documents are stored centrally, which creates transparency. Thanks to quick and easy access to up-to-date documents, you and your employees are always ready to access relevant information to make good business decisions. All the features of archiving meet current auditing requirements, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and protection against forgery.

Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Document Management


Always ready to make sound decisions:

With abas Document Management, you always have an intuitive overview of documents relating to a business transaction when responding to an RFQ or negotiating important contracts.

Optimize business processes:

Document-based processes are created directly in the system, and quickly and reliably mapped with a predefined workflow.

Quick and easy to use:

The time that you and your employees spend searching for information is reduced with the help of the document management system. Duplicate storage is a thing of the past.


abas DMS offers:

  • Document types: A total of 33 document types from sales, purchasing, master data, financial accounting and production.
  • Search criteria: A wide range of common search criteria, including those used for master data, purchasing, sales, and email, as well as a full-text search.
 Document Management

Finding, not searching

Within seconds, the convenient search screen provides a clear overview of all documents relating to a business transaction. There is no need for duplicate storage and costly search times are reduced. Whether in customer service, sales, accounting or management, you have constant access to the documents you need to make sound decisions regarding any important business transations.

Following entry of a single search term, such as an order number, abas DMS will immediately display the entire transaction on the screen. The RFQ, quotation, purchase order, order confirmation, packing slip note, invoice and all other documents, as well as all correspondence gives you a complete overview of the business transaction. Even during automatic archiving, all receipts and documents are stored within the relevant transaction.

Greater transparency

All documents, whether they are scanned paper documents, email or digital documents, are stored centrally in the DMS. Documents are assigned to an order, project or customer so that all information relating to the business transactions – correspondence, emails, drawings or project plans for instance – is available at all times. You can therefore access all transaction-related information quickly and easily, from any workstation or even when you’re out and about. This gives you the ability to collaborate that you need to work efficiently as a team.



abas DMS supports the creation of e-invoices or e-credits, which automates the electronic receipt and sending of invoices.

  • Automatic document archiving & scanning

    The document management system automatically archives documents from abas ERP. You can access these archived documents directly from the ERP system, or access transactions in abas ERP from the abas DMS. Paper documents are scanned and linked via barcodes to the transactions created in abas ERP. Customer, vendor and product masters from abas can be used to index the external documents to be archived.

    Document Management

Comprehensive integration into MS Office

Comprehensive integration with MS Office is included, as are numerous additional functions that make working with abas DMS convenient and easy. For example, you can electronically archive documents created in MS Word, MS Excel, Writer, Calc, PDF, JPG, CAD, etc. If archiving is via a virtual printer, the document is saved in TIFF format, or alternatively in the original format. Automatic versioning is also supported.

Quick start and flexible customizing

There is no need to produce specifications for installation of the standard DMS: The main document types and search criteria are already defined in the system and the document types are preconfigured. abas DMS can therefore be implemented quickly and easily. Through customizations and a variety of document types & search criteria, modules or workflows can be added, and the standard software can be adapted to your operating situation.


Optimized processes

Document-based business processes, such as checking incoming invoices, are often still performed in a cumbersome and lengthy process on paper or in spreadsheets. In the abas DMS, such processes are created directly in the ERP system and mapped quickly and reliably with a predefined workflow.

Audit-compliant archiving

Archiving that’s compliant with auditing requirements is necessary for many documents or contracts. abas DMS satisfies all the criteria for a legally compliant, forgery-proof and long-term archiving system.

Permissions management

Business data is extremely sensitive and should be protected accordingly. Through reliable and secure assignment of permissions, all employees are able to access the documents they need to

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