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ERP software for Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Detailed planning / APS

In order to remain competitive in today's fast-paced market environment, it is more important than ever to deliver as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Regardless of what your company produces, success depends on your team and the resources at their disposal. Give your team modern planning tools to organize itself as efficiently as possible in order to meet customer requirements on time and at the lowest cost.

In production planning and control (PPC), you have to take into account large volumes of data, dependencies and constraints. The aim is to maintain a clear overview of the current production situation, despite the wealth of incoming information. It must be possible to make sound decisions at every stage of order processing. Well-organized PPC is vital to this.

Not only does Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) support faster and more effective planning by visualizing the relevant processes, materials and capacities, it also helps your production team quickly identify and manage material shortages and capacity bottlenecks so that you can take proactive decisions.

Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Detailed Planning


Make planning changes visible:

Graphically presented process views enable you to recognize the links between availability and required capacities and materials. The impact of individual planning changes is immediately visible.

Avoid downtimes:

abas APS helps you improve profitability of your production facilities by avoiding unnecessary downtime and increasing utilization of your machinery.

Strengthen your team:

Give your team access to the information they need to make sound decisions.

Optimize throughout:

APS gives you the ability to run "what-if?" simulation scenarios taking into account the availability of materials and the limited capacities, allowing you to successfully optimize the throughout your production.

Identify bottlenecks:

Using APS to identify regular resource bottlenecks that reduce overall throughput can really pay off by helping to streamline your process and improve efficiency.



Visualization involves the systematic analysis and formatting of different abas ERP production data – orders, machines, and capacities – for display in a clear, graphical format. Through the clear visualization of the current production status, each employee can actively participate in discussions, rather than being reserved only for the PPC experts. abas APS helps to improve interdepartmental communication within your company, supporting decisions on many levels.

The management dashboard provides a constantly updating overview of the current production situation and displays clear information for strategic decisions:

  • Realistic delivery dates can be set in the date review, simplifying communication between production, PPC and sales.
  • PPC identifies the need for short-notice management issues, such as special work shifts or working remotely.
APS Visualization

Detailed planning with abas APS

abas APS helps you see the big picture by collecting, analyzing and presenting important information clearly. This allows you to easily answer typical PPC-related questions, such as:

  • Which orders are currently in the system?
  • What is the order status and when can it be delivered?
  • What dependencies and constraints exist in the order?
  • When are specific operations scheduled for particular resources?
  • Where are there noticeable bottlenecks, and how can these be resolved?

Overview of production capacity utilization – resource allocation

The resource view shows your machine groups, production resources, and which operations are scheduled when. Conflicts are highlighted and can therefore be resolved more easily.

Visualization Max Clarity

Visualization for maximum clarity

  • Fine-grained detail for all parts of the planning process, and the resulting confidence in your decision making
  • Ability to react quickly to fluctuating conditions

  • Interdepartmental communication through visualization

  • Work order view, which shows work orders and work order suggestions

Production planning and simulation with graphical control center

abas APS offers extensive visualization and analytical features, including specialized views for planning and analysis. The chronological dependencies of your processes, including purchase orders, work order suggestions, work orders, and subcontracting, are displayed graphically. Optional additional functions are also available, including simulation and optimization to counter limited capacities.

Presentation of the scheduled operations for each resource

  • Presentation of "conflicts" (e.g. multiple allocation)

  • Available working hours according to shift model

  • Manual rescheduling

  • Direct linking

  • Zoom functions

  • Resource filtering (e.g. by department)

  • Allocation lists

  • Overview of production capacity utilization – capacity evaluation

    The capacity view shows all resources with their respective capacity utilization levels for a given period in the form of colored blocks of time; each block representing a day, week or month. The utilization level is shown as a percentage within these blocks. The different colors indicate the capacity utilization level for each time interval.

    • Display capacity utilization compared to the available capacity
    • Different detail: daily, weekly and monthly capacity utilization levels
    • Quick overview with "traffic light" function
    • Expand a line for more details
    APS Capacity Evaluation
  • Overview for the planner – work orders

    The order view displays all work orders and secondary requirements, including the associated operations, which means you can quickly get an overview of the orders in the system and see their structure and dependencies. This allows you to realistically estimate delivery dates.

    • Display order relationships – complete procurement status

    • Take into account work order suggestions, purchasing processes, subcontracting and relocation across all levels through to the sales order

    • Check delivery date accuracy (color coded)
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