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abas ERP’s CRM tool gives you an easy way of tracking information about customers and prospects by storing all of your data in one central place: the CRM workbench. Rather than separating the various functions offered in CRM, the CRM workbench consolidates your reports, activities and information into one place. This removes the hassle of having to navigate from one CRM function to the next, giving you easy access to the information you need.

The CRM functions in abas ERP ensure that all relevant information is available centrally for you at all times, including contact details, sales processes, notes, tasks, documents and correspondence data about prospects, customers and associated procedures. This ensures optimal communication with your customers from initial contact through after-sales support. You also have the option of linking your phone system to the customer data records through Computer Telephone Integration (CTI). Mobile sales offers a range of CRM functions for when you are out and about.

Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
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360° overview of your customer relationships:

With abas, you have direct access to information, activities and documents relating to a customer

A focus on your customers:

Strengthen your customer relationships by offering them a personalized service.

Analysis and assessment of your sales activities
Efficient control of your sales activities:

abas ERP supports you throughout the entire sales process. From first contact through order placement, you get a full overview of all sales projects.

An overview of all tasks:

You and your employees can keep track of pending tasks at all times.


An overview of all tasks

What are my current tasks? What are the statuses of tasks I created? The task overview in abas allows you to switch easily between the tabs "my tasks" and "tasks created by me." It also allows you to easily identify priorities and the status of current tasks, and manage your activities accordingly.

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Fully integrated

CRM is a fully integrated part of abas ERP that enables direct access to all relevant customer-related information and activities, including quotations, orders, invoices, outstanding items and service requests. You also have access to archived customer and order-related documents in the abas document management system (DMS). As a result, important information is at your fingertips at all times.

From opportunity to order

abas ERP supports the entire sales process, helping you convert sales opportunities or prospects into orders. Through sales activities, you can further specify and consolidate your opportunities. In sales where you already know the required products and quantities, abas' pricing functionality comes into play. Quotations can be automatically generated based on a sales opportunity.

Customer Overview

The customer file – helping you put the customer first

The customer file helps strengthen your customer relationships by giving you full knowledge of all interactions with that customer, allowing you to give them completely personalized service. The customer file records all of the important activities relating to a customer or prospect. You gain a 360° overview of your relationship with the customer, with direct access to all associated activities, information, appointments and documents including sales, outstanding items, open activities and tasks. Notes, archived documents from the document management system, service equipment and ongoing service activities are also available in the customer file. Displaying all sales transactions in chart form provides data visibility and highlights sales potential.

  • BI for CRM

    With standard BI reports for CRM, you can analyze your sales activities and ensure a well-founded baseline for your decision making.

    See Business Intelligence for more information. 

    BI - Customer

Sales projects overview

The new sales pipeline info system provides a complete overview of all sales projects. The sales projects can be sorted by probability, date or responsibility, and can be displayed graphically. From here, you can create a quotation or order. You can forward tasks to colleagues, create activity notes for customers and prospective customers, and classify them according to specific criteria. Your business correspondence is archived with the abas DMS. This ensures easy access to all customer and prospect information.

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