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Customer satisfaction and profitability rely on accurately costing your products and services. Excessively low prices will reduce your profit margin, while promising impossible delivery times risks damaging customer satisfaction. Precise costing helps you to reliably determine costs and delivery times on all levels, ensuring that your team only promises what your business can deliver. With multiple costings and comparisons of the preliminary and final costing, you always know whether or not you are working according to plan, and can react quickly should a discrepancy arise. With real-time costings you can monitor the progress of your production. 

abas ERP provides product-related and order-related costing for an exact valuation of the operating result. In the ERP system, any number of preliminary costings can be performed for products, and then compared. A preliminary and final costing can be performed for sales orders and work orders, and can also be compared to other preliminary costings. All costings can be compared directly with one another. The cost per stock unit as well as the costs of the total BOM items are listed in the table of costing results. There are different costing models included in abas. These models can be customized to the respective requirements. Each time preliminary costing is performed, the procurement period and gross weight per stock unit will also be calculated.

Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps


Accurate pricing:

Reliably calculate known costs and overhead to find matching prices for new products and services.

Intelligent planning and costing:

Keep costs under control with concurrent costing. By performing target/actual comparisons between the preliminary and concurrent costs, you can ensure that costs will not spiral out of control and bring an unexpected increase in the final costing.

Improve deliveries:

Specify delivery times by incorporating procurement times from available BOMs, and optimize packaging and shipping with accurate weight and volume data.

Reliable quotation costing:

Gain a competitive edge by calculating accurate quotation prices and estimated delivery times based on historical data and configurable expenditure ratios.

Quicker processing:

Speed up order processing and reduce errors caused by duplicated data entry by transferring cost estimates directly to quotations, sales orders or work orders.


Preliminary costing

Preliminary costings can be carried out based on known parts master data structures. Individual values of a preliminary costing can also be entered manually, without the system accessing existing structures. abas ERP provides the option of performing preliminary costings for a specific date. This means that the prices and production list structures valid on this date are taken into account. Preliminary costings can be performed for products specifically for each warehouse group. Based on the conclusive data, you can choose the most cost-efficient variant. Individual costing sheets can also be created as required. Preliminary costings are archived. This enables you to precisely follow the price development of a product. For a preliminary costing in quotations and sales orders, the determined values, such as price and delivery time, are adopted into the quotation or sales order item. Results from individual preliminary costings can be edited. You can edit, delete and insert information in the costing results. Each change has an immediate effect on the total costing, so the consequences of various  "What if..." scenarios can be seen clearly.

Preliminary Costing

Final costing

In abas, final costing can be performed for completed sales orders and work orders. The final costings can be displayed in consolidated form or in detailed views. Costs are determined and sorted by material, production, and external service costs. When final costing is performed, final costs will be evaluated for both order-related procurements and warehouse procurements. Final costing can also be performed for filed processes. Costs not yet incurred can be determined from the preliminary costing order. The final costing is carried out using a cost collector. You can add additional costs to the cost collector that are not yet known when performing the final costing. For example, you can enter travel or freight costs that will be incurred but for which a document does not yet exist. They will be adopted into the final costing as special costs.

In invoices and financial entries, costs can be allocated to multiple items, reservations or work order suggestions by means of a cost allocator. If final costing was able to collect all costs for a finished part, pricing will be performed. The cost price is determined based on the calculated cost of goods manufactured and the finished part's mixed price is updated. This mixed price update is documented in the stock movement journal. Until all of the costs of the work order are available, the mixed price will not be updated. The update will be automatically carried out by final costing when all costs of the work order are posted. You can even control whether the final costing should update the mixed price or not.

  • Final costing and valuation

    When valuation is active, all costing and valuation-relevant PPC processes will be valuated on a process basis, according to cause and the exact price of various valuation methods and then documented and saved in the valuation database. Final costing then accesses the valuation database. All values that go into the cost collector come from valuation objects. The exceptions are values that are entered manually in the final costing. Several valuation types can be configured for stock issue (receipt price, LIFO and FIFO). Because the value flow chain remains open indefinitely in final costing, subsequent additive costs or delayed documents (freight invoices, etc.) can be transferred to the originating processes in final costing. This is also still possible if the sales order or work order that is receiving the respective costs has already been completed. The "Revaluate" function automatically performs a final costing if values have been updated for materials included in the final costing.

    Final costing and valuation

Multiple costing

abas ERP software offers the option of generating multiple cost sheets for sales orders within the scope of make-to-order manufacturing, and work orders. These are based on the posted completion confirmations for production (valuated times), the posted materials consumption, the special direct costs of production, and the special direct costs of sales. The costings are always up-to-date and can be opened directly from the individual data objects such as the customer sales order or the work order. This tool is especially helpful in make-to-order manufacturing to be able to display the current cost status, and to include a projection with regard to the expected costs for an order in controlling at an early stage. The determination of the inventory value of orders in progress is automatically linked to the multiple costings.


Costing statistics: cost variances

The costing statistics: cost variances info system is used to compare costs and enables you to check your calculations. This is done by comparing the cost variances between preliminary and final costing.

Comparison of costing results

With abas ERP, you can compare preliminary and final costing results from work order suggestions or work orders. Individual preliminary costing sheets can be compared to the final costing sheet.

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