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Business Process Management

In times of growing pressure from competitors and progressive digitalization, it’s becoming increasingly important that companies in all industries are able to react quickly to change and fl exibly structure their processes. This is where Business Process Management tools come into play. They can be used to map processes of varying complexity — from approval processes (purchase orders, sales orders, or employee vacation requests) to sanction list checks and the implementation of ticket systems.

abas Business Process Management (abas BPM) was developed for exactly this purpose. With abas BPM, you can graphically map your company-specific business processes in accordance with the established BPMN 2.0 standard, automate these processes, roll them out throughout the entire company, and systematically monitor them. The components of this solution, which are integrated in abas ERP, are abas BPM Designer, Workflow Viewer and Workflow User Dashboard.


Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Workflow Editor



Increased efficiency through process automation

Simple and intuitive process modeling and documentation
Established standard

Process definitions based on the BPMN 2.0 standard

Identification of process deficiencies and process optimization potential
Role-based user interface

abas BPM Designer, Workflow Viewer, Workflow User Dashboard

Automatic (condition-based) and manual workflow triggers
Flexible adjustments to deployed processes
Easy export and import of workflows, for example, to share between clients
abas BPM Designer

abas BPM Designer

abas BPM Designer is a graphical editor with which you can model and configure your workflows. This tool is intuitive to operate and provides common process mapping symbols in its toolbar, which can be applied quickly and easily using drag and drop. With procedures, tasks, dependencies, priorities, deadlines and responsibilities defined and documented, you can establish a crossdepartment overview of processes and structures that is both uniform and binding.

The created workflows remain flexible and authorized users, such as the process owner, can adjust them to changing requirements at any time. If the workflow has been rolled out and the condition for the process start has been met, the process engine will trigger the individually modeled processes for the assigned persons, groups, or system services in accordance with the defined sequence.


Workflow User Dashboard

The Workflow User Dashboard provides each process participant a manageable overview that bundles information relevant for the individual user and prompts the user to complete pending work packages.

The Dashboard displays outstanding tasks for the specific user and offers them the option to start processing these tasks directly from the overview, after which, for example, the appropriate abas ERP screen will open automatically. In addition, a performance diagram displays the proportional distribution of tasks completed on time or too late by each user.

Workflow User Dashboard
  • Workflows integrated in the ERP system

    With abas BPM, which is fully integrated in abas ERP, you can design new processes and workflows. This is done with the help of a user-friendly, graphical editor. Users can then efficiently perform their tasks using dashboards.

    Workflows integrated in the ERP system
  • Uniform process views

    Processes structured and documented across the company, coordinated responsibilities and deadlines, as well as uniform process understanding between different departments increase efficiency throughout your business. Companies with uniformly applied processes can react to customer requirements quicker and ensure greater reliability and quality.

    Process overview

    abas BPM helps you, as a business leader, stay on top of your active processes and their current statuses. You'll have your processes under your control.

    Process overview
Workflow Viewer

Workflow Viewer

In the Workflow Viewer, you can identify where a process is currently at with a single look: Based on the procedure defined in abas BPM Designer both completed and active process steps are marked, and the step that is currently being processed is highlighted.

Authorized users (Process Administrators) can manually influence the process flow if necessary.

abas BPM helps you optimize your business processes and resources

Possible improvements — such as processes that can be readily parallelized — are made apparent as early as the graphical modeling and can be implemented directly. Furthermore, process designers can transfer steps to the system as services, such as locking a sales order during editing, automating process steps. Thanks to automation, unnecessary delays as well as error risks, which often occur due to entries made by hand in manual processing, can be largely avoided. This enables you to ensure smooth and efficient processing.

Another significant benefit of the new tool is increased transparency: The Designer, Viewer, and User Dashboard components offer a comprehensive overview of the current status of active processes and the disruptive factors affecting these processes. This is a pragmatic aid, particularly for department heads and process owners, to help them identify bottlenecks within a process or team and promptly initiate the necessary control measures.

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