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ERP Software für EDI und Hochleichtungslogistik abas ERP

Automotive & Supply

Automotive manufacturer business processes place high demands on vendors in terms of readiness to deliver, reliability, quality, and flexibility. Ensuring readiness to deliver at exactly the right time is paramount in this sector. A wide variety of scheduling or logistics procedures present vendors with major challenges on a daily basis. In addition, efficiency, costing, cost management and data transparency also play a big role in ensuring a company's competitiveness.

The abas solution for midsize automotive vendors supports your company in the management of a complex supply chain, and coordinates the agreed logistics processes between vendors/subcontractors and automotive manufacturers. All relevant and typical processes in the automotive and supplier industries – blanket order management, forecast delivery and JIT delivery schedules, cumulative quantity management, management of loading equipment and returnable packaging, and lot and serial number management – are mapped to be as lean and efficient as possible.

The integration of standardized EDI processes in accordance with VDA, ODETTE, EDIFACT or ANSI X12 represents a significant competitive advantage. These standards help to automate processes, reduce manual effort and eliminate sources of errors. Increasingly shorter product cycles and continuously changing logistics or process concepts require an extremely high degree of flexibility from the supporting ERP system. abas ensures that these requirements are always met swiftly and at minimal cost.
Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps


Integrated EDI standards:

abas ERP offers online integration of standardized EDI processes in accordance with ANSI X12, VDA, ODETTE, or EDIFACT.

Coordination tool:

Coordinate development and pilot series projects with your customers and vendors.

Effective early warning system:

abas ERP proactively warns planners/buyers about changes.

Blanket order management
Management of daily releases using cumulative quantities:

Analyze your release differences, manage your containers and optimize your shipments.


Managing your EDI inbox with VANs

You can manage your EDI inbox by using a third-party value-added network (VAN) to send and receive your EDI messages, provide message encryption and secure email, and perform a gap analysis of your data formats compared with the formats of other businesses in your supply chain. The VAN acts as an intermediary between you and your partners and helps streamline your EDI and supply chain management.

Complete insight throughout the supply chain

abas supports your company in the management of complex supply chain processes, and coordinates logistics processes between the vendor/subcontractor and automotive manufacturer.


Automotive functions


Automotive functions for sales

Everything visible at a glance with the release monitor

The release monitor displays an overview of critical releases and their requirements in the shipping and procurement area.

  • EDI overview with critical releases: The EDI overview shows critical releases and their quantities. There are four different statuses: releases with errors, releases with a backlog, immediate demand, and releases with an early warning. If you select a status, all associated releases are displayed.

  • Demand situation in shipping: Here you can see the delivery-related information for the selected release or product. You use the "From" and "To" fields to restrict the time period for your selection. Depending on the selection, your outstanding order items, unposted packing slip items or delivered items can be listed and, if necessary, the relevant activities can be opened directly.

  • Demand situation in procurement: In the procurement function of abas ERP, you see procurement-related information for the selected release or product. Depending on your selection, the stocks, work orders or purchase orders will be listed. Here you can see the most important information at a glance and can open activities directly.

automotive in abas ERP

Complex supply chain process management in abas ERP


Release management with sequencing

With abas, you can create and modify release orders automatically using EDI or through a fast-entry screen that shows the incoming forecast delivery schedules/JIT delivery schedules/shipping schedules. Based on key criteria, the planned quantities are automatically dispatched to the production schedule, and the current release situation is visualized. JIT deliveries via EDI are forwarded by the system to shipping control for Advanced Planning and Scheduling. The arrival date and arrival time are also monitored. abas also allows the sequencing of release orders. In other words, work orders will not be produced in the order of arrival, but will be scheduled so that, for example, machine and staff capacity is uniformly utilized or machine setup costs are minimized.

Adapt to fluctuations in demand

In the automotive environment, deviations from the schedule frequently occur with releases. The resulting planning uncertainties and unscheduled measures cause high costs and negative impacts on performance for both OEMs and vendors. The analysis of delivery schedule differences helps pinpoint fluctuations in the trend of releases for blanket orders. Releases where there are large fluctuations in quantities or deadlines are identified in the release center. This enables you to quickly detect critical fluctuations in demand and prevent possible bottlenecks in deliveries.


Blanket order management

In abas, you can efficiently manage standard blanket orders needed for the automotive industry. These are based on the specific terms in the agreements between vendors and customers governing product acceptance quantities and prices. The agreements are managed in separate data objects that form the outstanding blanket orders. Cumulative quantities, including already delivered quantities and released quantities, as well as the remaining stock of each product are managed in the blanket orders, which makes it possible to check and monitor contracts at any time.

  • Automotive functions for shipping

    Efficient shipping planning

    Shipping planning manages all steps in the shipping process and ensures that shipping is processed and completed efficiently. Shipping includes functions for shipping planning, packaging material management, picking, and customs and export handling. Clear, up-to-date information about deliverable orders, their processing status, access to delivery and shipping terms ensure visibility from anywhere within your company.

    Shipping planning harmonizes logistics processes with the transport environment. Shorter storage times allow you to save time and money. Efficient shipping planning also helps ensure the fastest possible delivery to the customer. With abas shipping planning, you can process complete deliveries, partial deliveries, outstanding deliveries and collective deliveries, and print shipping documents (e.g. consignment note, docket, and goods tag, including barcode).

  • Automotive functions for shipping

    Container management/packaging material management facilitates compliance with packing instructions

    As in many sectors, materials and products are also transported in returnable containers in the automotive sector. A prerequisite for the smooth flow of materials is the availability of suitable containers. abas organizes the flow of materials, reduces costs and increases the quality of the supply. Thanks to the modular structure of packaging material management in abas ERP, you can manage complex packaging structures in accordance with the packaging requirements of automotive manufacturers. These structures take into account, for example, the inner packaging, covers, bases, separators, frames, small load carriers, pallets, lattice boxes, etc. In order to ensure a high degree of flexibility in shipping planning, you can record variants of packaging structures.

  • Automotive functions for shipping

    Optimal planning and assignment of packaging

    To make the best possible use of your space, it’s important to arrange your boxes and containers on pallets efficiently, which is difficult when your items vary in size. Your different products should be as stable as possible and be stacked on the load carrier to avoid wasted space. abas’ assignment of packaging gives you an overview of the products to be delivered and helps you find the best packaging options.

  • Automotive functions for shipping

    Cooperation with external service providers and consignment warehouses

    When processing external service providers, outgoing consignments are not delivered directly to the customer (automotive manufacturers), but to an external service provider (ESP). The EDI documents, such as the delivery advice, are also transmitted to this service provider.

  • Automotive functions for shipping

    Constant overview of container movements

    Returnable transport containers used in the automotive environment are exchanged in a cycle between the customer and vendor. The account statements transmitted by the automotive manufacturers must be reconciled with your own data.

    With container account management, you can:

    • Track container movements accurately;

    • Automatically reconcile physical stocks with stock movements;

    • Check the stocks currently on the partner's premises;

    • Obtain inventory information for the containers in circulation and on a consolidated basis;

    • Complete a complaints procedure.


Automotive functions for invoicing

Invoices processed more efficiently with electronic credit note procedure

The electronic credit note procedure in abas makes processing invoices more efficient: Customers are now directly involved in the invoicing process and there is no need for the invoices to be physically sent. Invoice documents are prepared by the customer and sent to the vendor via EDI. The vendor compares these EDI documents with invoices already created (standard credit note procedure) or creates internal invoices from these EDI documents (credit note procedure with issue of invoice).

Electronic remittance advice

abas ERP’s electronic remittance advice is a communication from the customer to the vendor. It contains detailed information about an incoming payment that is required for the assignment to and settlement of outstanding items. The information relates to invoice or credit note payments. With abas, you can automatically receive and print out remittance advices via EDI.


Automotive functions for linking vendors

Electronic forecast delivery schedule purchase orders

abas also creates release orders and sends them to vendors. Purchase order suggestions sent by scheduling can be clearly viewed, converted into in forecast delivery schedule purchase orders and automatically sent to the vendor via EDI. Using the delivery advice function in purchasing, abas ERP packing slips are generated from packing slips automatically received from vendors.

Electronic packing slip

If the vendor transfers its delivery and transport data via EDI, this data is automatically imported into the system and processed further. This means that goods receipts can be posted in the system automatically via an electronic packing slip.

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