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How to integrate a project management tool into an ERP?

project management erp

Project management tools can be perfectly integrated into ERP software and are a central component of the ERP solution for many vendors. Because ERP works holistically in operation or across locations, the system creates the aforementioned uniform database. For example, information about purchased products, workloads, or incoming orders is collected globally.

Based on this information, the project manager can efficiently plan new projects. Thanks to ERP, the project manager can see how resources are currently distributed and when and which capacities can be used at any time. In addition, the project manager can completely monitor and control the project from receipt of the order through material procurement to production and delivery. As a result, the projects are not only handled efficiently, but also on time and in the desired quality.

Advantages of Project Management Software

Even the list of the most important requirements for the project management software shows the first advantages of the software. Companies can carry out project planning centrally including inspections, approvals or marketing plans. Capacity bottlenecks become directly apparent through a uniform database within the entire company. Resources and materials for several projects can be made clear with graphical, interactive tools and the current plans visualized.

Thanks to the flexible tools, the requirements for agile project management can also be met. Several project phases can be performed iteratively. In addition, the individual project teams can manage themselves, for example, in purchasing or production. You receive important, project-related tasks and information centrally from the project management, but then act independently and thus efficiently. Nevertheless, the project manager keeps control at all times thanks to the reporting functions.

Product lifecycle

With the project management tools, companies can map the complete lifecycle of their products. This makes it possible to understand when which parts need to be replaced or additionally installed.


Thanks to the large database, project risks can be identified quickly. Building on this, project managers then take appropriate measures to avoid or minimize these risks.


The full cost control that the tools offer has already been addressed. Project managers can set and approve budgets. Subsequently, costs that have actually been incurred so far are automatically documented. The effects of project changes can also be calculated in financial terms.


Project managers receive a presentation of the project status in real time. All orders, change requests, invoices, customer information and other important information can be accessed directly - without first having to request the data in the departments.

How does a project manager work with a project management tool?

The project center is at the heart of the software solution. In this overview screen, the project manager will be shown all current or planned projects, including key information such as project status or budget. From here, he can carry out a variety of activities, such as project planning, evaluations or financial statements. Clicking on specific projects will open a detailed overview of the project. If the project is still in the planning stage, the project manager uses the resource scheduler.

The tool automatically determines the current capacity offer, so it calculates the available working hours per production employee in the coming weeks. At the same time, the capacity requirement is determined by the tool analysing the project processes and work tasks previously created by the project manager. At a glance, the project manager can identify the workload of the staff and make solid budget decisions.

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