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How do I find the right ERP vendor?

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Which ERP vendor is the right one for ERP software integration into manufacturing companies. Undoubtedly, it is a challenging IT project that requires not only a capable project team, but also sufficient resources. Once the introduction of business software has started, the IT project can be divided into three project phases, of which the preparation phase for the selection of the ERP vendor is particularly relevant. One of the most important milestones therefore is the completion of the requirements analysis, on the basis of which a specification can be developed. But how will things move forward and how can the right ERP vendor be selected from out of the business software jungle?

ERP vendor selection

After completion of the requirement analysis, the individual functionalities should be further specified. Not only current needs but also future functionalities should be considered in view of the medium and long-term corporate goals. If, for example, the development of e-commerce as a sales market is planned, then the newly introduced software should have at least one powerful API, ideally this is already a holistic ERP system, which already has a web shop integrated as a module.

The more precisely you apply the requirements to the specifications, the more accurate the pre-selection of an ERP vendor can be. Today, however, important decisions must be made about technology. Whereas only a few years ago, on-premise business software was operated from the company's server room, today, modern cloud-based systems are increasingly gaining acceptance. Thus, technology is far more important nowadays than it was a few years ago. Again, the final decision should be made in terms of corporate goals: If the company wants to scale in the medium term and respond to changing market demands, then an ERP vendor with a Cloud ERP is the most future-proof technology. With regard to varying workplaces and work time models, companies should also choose Cloud technology, as it allows them to access the business software from any location, at any time of the day and from any browser-based end device. These factors mean that ERP vendors with Cloud solutions are currently gaining more and more market share.

Tendering the project

Typically, in the next step, a tender is made on the basis of the specifications and other requirements. Costs are certainly a deciding factor, but so too are the solution competences and reputation of the ERP vendor as well as the initial contact. Since a long-term business relationship is entered into with the vendor of the ERP software, not only the software itself has to be convincing, but also the corresponding consultants or contact persons. Success stories and reference customers also help with this process of narrowing down vendor selection to 1-2 vendors. Presentations by the ERP vendor are still as popular as ever, as these can help to clarify any last questions and also to clear up personal doubts. The selection of the right ERP vendor might, at first glance look like a needle in a haystack. But the more accurately the preliminary work is done, the better the market can be probed. As a result, with the right approach, the perfect ERP vendor can be found to cater for every need

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