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abas ERP Production App Enables Real Time Visibility

using the abas ERP production app

The abas ERP Production app offers manufacturers the flexibility and accuracy any shop floor needs.

The app's key features include Plant Data Collection (PDC), time card entry, work order details, and issuing materials. As with all abas ERP apps the Production app offers full integration with abas ERP, using almost any device, including an employee’s own mobile phone, tablet or laptop.  

The Overarching Benefit of the abas ERP Production App: Real-Time Visibility

Sean Quinn, who leads development of abas' mobile app suite, spoke with us about the benefits the app offers its users. The most important benefit? “It’s the ease and speed of collecting relevant data from your users," Quinn said. "You don’t need back office managers constantly reviewing everything you’ve done.”

Users at all levels, from managers to supervisors to shop floor workers can see exactly what’s happening with production in real time, allowing them to view and report on progress. Quinn went on to describe four specific functionalities of the abas Production app, and the benefits each bring to users.  

download the abas production brochure


Interested in seeing screenshots and the full functionality of the abas ERP Production app brochure? Download the Production App brochure here. 


Completion Functionality

Manual reporting may be the most boring and inefficient task in the entire production process. The abas Production app streamlines and automates that task. “When you’re focused on production, you want to be able to just fill out a simple report and allow the data to flow through the system,” says Quinn. The app does that digitally for users using the completion functionality. All the user needs to do is input what they worked on, how much they competed and/or what they made and that data is available throughout the system. 

The ERP Production app also provides users more feedback on what they’ve finished and what is still left to do, helping them plan their workflow.

real time data about what is happening in production

Attendance Functionality

Another hassle for production workers is manually punching in and out, and trying to fix errors when you’ve forgotten to do it or done it wrong. The app comes to the rescue again: “The ERP Production App replaces the classic punch card, enabling you to clock in and out through the app,” explains Quinn.

Users at all levels can see exactly what’s happening with production in real time

The attendance functionality also benefits back office employees in charge of payroll/attendance, etc. Without a tool like the production app, employees need to punch a physical timecard each day, and then at the end of the week someone goes through all of them, making sure they were correct and inputting all the data. The app changes that by allowing the users to input and update the data in near real time. The company can know at the end of the day how many people were working, the number of hours, and what those hours were spent on, instead of waiting until the end of the week.

Plant Data Collection (PDC) Functionality

PDC is an alternate approach to completion [see #1 above].  Explains Quinn: “You’re still doing job reporting, but each time someone starts a job, they’re going to clock into that job and report what they’re doing. Then at the end, they clock out.” As a result of all this real-time data collection managers can know in real time exactly what jobs individuals are actually working on, how close they are to finishing them and when they complete it. For management and supervision purposes, it’s hard to get better supervisory data visibility than that. PDC enables managers to see what’s happening and seek to address issues/concerns as they arise.

Issue Material Functionality

This function allows users to fulfill their raw material for the jobs they’re conducting on the shop floor. When you’re out of material, you need to get more fast or risk slowing down production. The ERP Production app does more than just issue material to the user requesting it, notes Quinn, “it also has a handy feature that allows users to suggest which locations in the warehouse to pull the material from based on current stock levels. It can even account for LIFO (last in, first out) or FIFO (first in, first out) rules too. It can tell you which lot should go first.”

users can see what’s the best available stock location to use at any moment

The efficiency benefits for companies here are clear. Instead of companies having to spend time figuring out where they want to fulfill the work order from, they can see what’s the best available stock location to use at any moment. That simultaneously prevents delays on the shop floor and enhances productivity, all in a way that integrates relevant data from the floor and the warehouse.

abas ERP production app brochure download link

For the full description of the app, download the abas Production App brochure


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