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Tedious and capital-intense approval processes, strict legal regulations, and ever-shorter innovation cycles: Developing and producing while maintaining a profit under these difficult market conditions is a tremendous challenge for the medical engineering industry. The situation is further exacerbated by new competitors, particularly from Asia, and increasing raw material scarcities. For this reason, manufacturers that are preparing for the future of medical engineering are relying on efficient IT support for their business processes. 

Get your IT infrastructure in shape and streamline your processes! 
• Medicine 4.0
• Quality
• Compliance
• Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
• Internationalization

Search Features
Product Configurators
Estimates and Actual Costs
Variant Management
Lots and Serial Tracking
Quality integration
Inventory Management
Shipping and Packaging Management
Production Reporting
Returns Management
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Customer Stories
I like working with the abas team because of their attitude of the rapid response and their ability to listen and understand us.
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abas Experts
abas ERP is simple to operate. The whole workshop production management is easier now.
Ying Hua
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Complete your solution with:

ERP Software PDM/PLM - Product Data Management / Product Lifecycle Management

Overcome the product data flood with abas ERP Software PDM/PLM solutions

Designing, developing and manufacturing complex products or extensive variants and customizations generates a flood of product data and documents. With the right solution your team can harness this wealth of information to reduce costs, boost productivity, and accelerate growth.

The ERP Software PDM/PLM solution for abas supports the entire product lifecycle by helping your people connect to the data and processes they need to deliver the quality your customers expect.

Get to market faster.
Centralize control of your product data for streamlined coordination within and between your teams for shorter time to market.

Eliminate compliance risks.
Easily archive relevant documents for machines, plants, and other technical components to meet national and international requirements.

Drive innovation.
Connect teams, with ERP Software PDM/PLM, regardless of their physical locations, to create cutting-edge solutions.

Project Management

Take control of your projects

Tracking resources, budgets and milestones for multiple projects through diverse business departments can quickly get out of hand. Take control of your projects with effective management tools that help you and your team improve planning and coordination through all project phases.

By bundling and visualizing all relevant data, your business can stay on top of departmental, company-wide, or even international projects to deliver what your customers expect, when they expect it, for how much you told them it would cost.

Visualize success.
Manage resources and materials for multiple projects with interactive, graphical tools and visualize up-to-date plans.

Improve collaboration.
Keep your team aware of operational context so they can take action that best benefits your project as a whole.

Plan everything.
Centrally plan all aspects of your project including inspections, approvals, or marketing schedules.

Control profitability.
Create budgets, track costs, and preview the effects of changes to ensure the profitability of your project.

Stay on target.
Get a real-time picture of your project status with instant access to orders, change requests, expense reports, invoicing, customer information, and more.

Document Management System (DMS)

Go beyond paperless

An effective document management system is about more than “going paperless”—it’s an essential tool for improving the flow of information throughout your company by managing and archiving documents effectively and greatly reducing wasted time and unnecessary hassle with efficient search and retrieval options.

Document management in abas automatically archives documents created in the ERP system and enables you to store external documents, indexed by customer, vendor, product, or process for quicker access to the information you need.

Get the information you need, where you need it.
Centrally archive all essential documents and correspondence in the DMS for quick and easy access—even on the go.

Keep your documents safe.
Maintain a secure, revision-proof archive of all of your critical and legally required documents.

Compartmentalize sensitive information.
Business data can be highly sensitive and should be handled accordingly. A comprehensive rights management system helps you reliably control access to critical documents.

Optimize workflows.
Take the stress out of document-based business processes with faster, more reliable digital workflows.

Spend less time searching.
Quickly access a manageable overview of all documents related to a specific business process.


Embrace the shift

The customer journey has shifted. Not only has the internet revolutionized the way people search for products or services, it’s also become the worldwide method of choice for conducting business transactions with annual growth continuing to accelerate at a tremendous rate. Embrace the shift with an integrated webshop that allows you to interact with customers on their terms.

abas ERP enables you to design and maintain a professional webshop where your customers can comfortably search for products, receive personalized prices and discounts, check availability, and place orders—anytime, anywhere.

Enhance the customer experience.
Grant your customers instant access to view personalized prices and discounts, product availability, and order statuses based on real-time data from your ERP system.

Be found.
Attract more customers with cutting-edge search engine optimization (SEO) that makes your products and services easier to find.

Make it yours.
Seamlessly match your webshop to your corporate identity and integrate additional features with extensive customization tools.

Reduce errors.
Eliminate manual entry errors and duplicate data capture with a bi-directional connection to your ERP system.

Mobile Apps

Mobilize your organization

Mobility isn’t a business trend—it’s a game changer. But just having an ERP connection on a mobile device isn’t enough. If you want to compete in today’s increasingly fast-paced environment, your organization needs to be mobilized with tailored solutions that accelerate access and workflows.

From your external salesforce and service engineers to your internal shop floor and warehouse teams, abas ERP provides solutions that connect the right people to the right information to keep your business moving.

abas Mobile apps

Sell Smarter.
Leave an impression with mobile access to CRM and sales relevant data that help you sell smarter and faster.

Earn Loyalty.
Deliver relevant, personalized service—anytime, anywhere—and earn the loyalty of your customers.

Reward Profitable Relationships.
Strategically manage vendor relations and access, edit and monitor procurement processes on the go.

Accelerate your shop floor.
Enable your team to clock attendance, view job lists and report work steps without running back-and-forth to a terminal.

Simplify inventory management.
Look up stock locations, post issues and receipts, or transfer stock from one location to another—from anywhere in your warehouse.

Get the count right.
Count inventory, enter amounts on the spot, check for accuracy, and then synchronize totals with the main system.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Unlock business potential

You already have the necessary information to ensure your business operates at continual peak performance—you just need to unlock it. No matter what type of business you run, Business Intelligence is the key to maximizing your business potential through greater insight into performance, trends and opportunities.

From standard reports to custom analyses and detailed simulation assessments, Business Intelligence turns your data into actionable insight to perform long-term, strategic business planning or make critical short-term decisions.

BI Sales Pipeline

Connect your team.
Put information in the hands of the people who use it with intelligent, easy-to-act-upon dashboards and reports.

See more.
Integrate external data sources to quickly extend the scope of your insight.

Look ahead.
Identify trends early and run real-time simulation and scenario assessments for more effective long-term planning.

Keep it relevant.
Easily create custom reports and analyses that deliver relevant insight.

Stay in the know.
Leverage up-to-date information and analyze changes as they happen.

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