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ERP Software im Einsatz der Serviceabwicklung abas ERP

Service Processing

Service Processing in abas ERP

Customer service as a success factor

With abas Service Processing, you can lay the best foundations to stay ahead of the competition by exceeding expectations for service quality for incidents, repairs and maintenance.

Service perfectly planned and implemented

abas supports all common processes in service management, including service requests, shift planning for engineers and invoicing. In addition to calling up the current service case, you can also view the entire service history, including scheduled maintenance work.

Archived documents can also be accessed conveniently via the abas document management system – making time-consuming searches for information a thing of the past.

Wow customers with excellent service

Service processing is based on a complete overview of all the products received by the customer in their latest configuration. With abas, your service team can keep track of the entire lifecycle of the products or systems sold and can manage all support services centrally and efficiently – both at the customer's faciloty and in house. 

Your field service employees are also connected to service processing with our Service Mobile App. Whether an urgent repair demands a change to the shift plan at short notice or your engineer wants to order material while on the go, the app allows you to plan and process your support services at any location.

The graphical interface makes it easier to plan service deployments and offer an optimal overview of activities, appointments, resources, utilization and material stock, allowing your service employees to react to requests quickly and competently while also ensuring they have all desired information about the service processing status.

  • Mobile service

    Mobilize your external engineers: The mobile application from abas assists them on the go, including helping them plan service assignments, maintenance, and repairs, or record service completion reports.

    Mobile service
  • Service at a glance

    Stay on top of all maintenance and repair processes with the abas service overview. From here you can perform additional actions, such as planning service assignments and repair processes, or triggering invoicing.

     service overview
  • Service assignment planning

    Service Planner in abas ERP supports graphical service assignment planning. This greatly simplifies service planning and helps you stay on top of the service situation.

    Service Planner

Choose functional detail to see more

The Service mobile app gives service technicians the ability to view service requests on site from their mobile device, and file completion reports so managers have visibility into their progress. The app also allows service technicians to view their schedule, and make adjustments if necessary, while they’re on site.

Service processing in abas allows you to provide your customers with effective and efficient service. All the details needed for repairs and service are provided, from information about the products to a historical record of repairs and service. You can provide service remotely by monitoring all on-site repairs.

abas ERP makes planning service as simple as it should be. Graphical service assignment planning gives you a visual overview of all your service activities and resources, allowing you to plan and schedule services efficiently. The graphical tool also makes it very easy to reschedule services, providing your engineers with an accurate schedule.

In a growing company, it’s tricky to keep track of every document. But abas ERP’s document management system makes all documents easy to find, regardless of their origin. Documents are automatically scanned and placed into audit-compliant archives. The searching ability makes finding and tracking any document easy, with a wide range of search criteria.

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How an integral service approach works

“The Best Service Is No Service” – this book achieved bestseller status within a very short time in 2008. The idea is as simple as it is illuminating: Service is perfect if the customer doesn't need it. For, more than anything, customers want self-explanatory and reliable products, and not service. But despite this ideal image and all quality offensives, there are industries and products in which service work cannot be completely avoided. This not only includes after-sales services like maintenance, support, repair and updates, but also pre-sales offers like training courses.

This is where service excellence is called for. Whether in a call center within the company or during technical after-sales on-site: Innovative service products and reliable service processing are crucial in ensuring long-term customer loyalty – not to mention the ideal way to set yourself apart from the competition. In industry in particular, service quality and service speed are crucial for customer satisfaction, as they can help minimize expensive production downtimes.

Yet the idea of perfect service is becoming increasingly fragmented and individual. Customer A might prefer video instructions, do-it-yourself apps and repair communities, while customer B wants an all-inclusive package and maximum service convenience.

Companies that see service as a strategic opportunity rather than a “tedious obligation” will generate important competitive advantages here. For professional service is a differentiating characteristic and a customer loyalty tool in one. And there's more: The service business unit harbors unused sales and growth potential. In many industries, profit margins for product business are falling sharply. In these cases, the product becomes the enabler for the actual business, service. 

Modern ERP systems provide outstanding IT support for service management. Whether for acceptance of complaints, ordering of spare parts or billing for services provided: All employees access a central database and can view the information they need in just a few mouse clicks, from the date of purchase, to the current stock of wear parts, to technical data in the product files. The data transparency and the inter-departmental and, in many cases, automatic control of service processes, enables fast and error-free service processing. Workflows guarantee compliance with defined standards and a constantly high service performance.

To deploy the most cost-intensive service resource – the field engineer – as efficiently as possible, mobile service is a must. Thanks to mobile apps, the technology team's appointments can be allocated and changed flexibly. Direct access to documentation via a smartphone or tablet makes troubleshooting on-site easier and minimizes expensive follow-up appointments. 

Digital transformation will change service management significantly in the coming years. Subjects such as smart services, predictive maintenance, virtual augmented reality in troubleshooting and 3D printing of spare parts are exciting starting points for innovative service products and “Service 4.0.”

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