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Sales Management & CRM

Sales Management & CRM in abas ERP

Aquiring and retaining customers in the long-term, requires not only meeting their expectations, but exceeding them. Companies can only do this if they have a full overview of their customer relationships at all times and at every location. As a result, the demands made on sales support in ERP systems are high. With abas, you can manage your sales processes with ease, from pricing and bid creation to order processing and order controlling through to forecasting and early warning systems. You can reduce errors, identify trends at an early stage, plan dynamically and calculate accurately.

The 360° sales cockpit

The fully integrated sales functions in abas ERP provide all relevant information and interactions on prospective and existing customers centrally, including contact details, requests, order history and correspondence, as well as documents that are archived in the abas document management system. This guarantees maximum transparency and customized communication from the initial opportunity through to order placement, from initial contact through to after-sales support. In just a few mouse clicks, you can check the status and priority of current sales projects and adapt them if necessary. And thanks to abas Mobile CRM, you can even do this while you're on the go.

abas BI (Business Intelligence) provides you with BI reports for CRM – a sound basis for the assessment of your sales activities and their further optimization.

Your customer at the center of attention

The abas ERP customer file allows you to visualize important processes. The graphical interface highlights sales potential, allowing your sales team to offer personalized services, deliver better customer experiences and strengthen customer loyalty. In short: For every contact, you can make the right offer at the right time.

The abas B2B portal, with its many ways of closely integrating your business partners in your business processes online (for example by establishing a B2B webshop or a customer or supplier portal), offers yet another competitive advantage.

With abas, you can concentrate on what's really important in sales: selling!

  • Fully integrated CRM

    abas ERP delivers CRM functions as a fully integrated component of the ERP system. Your advantage: You can access all relevant customer information and transactions directly. You also have access to all documents archived in abas DMS in connection with a specific customer or sales order. The information you need is at your fingertips.

    Customer Overview
  • Mobile applications for sales

    abas' Mobile CRM app is tailored to external sales reps and provides access to CRM and sales data when you're away from the office. Track customer information and manage your sales processes, even while you're offline, and use integrated mapping to navigate to customer locations.

    Mobile CRM
  • Manage sales tasks centrally

    The sales overview in abas ERP helps you centrally manage all pending sales tasks. With a role-based view of all processes from quotations to invoices, you can analyze processes or perform other actions. 

    sales overview
  • Business Intelligence for sales

    The BI standard reports for sales help you analyze revenue in various markets and from various product ranges or analyze outstanding and posted invoices in the domestic currency.

    Business Intelligence for sales

Choose functional detail to see more

abas ERP’s CRM system keeps all of your customer data in one place. The CRM workbench is the dynamic home to your customer and prospect information. All of your CRM functions are located in one easy-to-use place that can be accessed by you and your employees. You may also access your customer data records remotely through your phone system.

Sales have never been easier to manage than with abas ERP. Keep track of your sales process from the potential of an opportunity to the completion of your invoice. The system keeps track of everything from the customer and order information to your inventory levels and delivery information, reducing the possibility of any errors.

abas ERP allows you to increase your profit margins and your customer satisfaction using precise calculations. Historical data and configurable ratios are used to accurately quote prices and estimated delivery times. Cost planning and tracking keeps your costs in check while reliable pricing calculations match prices for new products and services.

Take control of potential leads and future sales with abas ERP’s quotation management. Accurate estimates will inform you as to when customers are projected to place an order. You can also build reliable quotes for unique products that do not yet exist in your system. These tools allow you to prepare all production processes for any sale.

abas’ integration with e-commerce platform, Magento, allows you to easily build and manage e-commerce websites. Customize your site to fit your brand while allowing customers to configure to their exact specifications. The webshop reduces errors through automation while giving your customers up to date information such as prices, product availability and order status.

The CRM mobile app is a tool that gives your sales team access to customer information while they’re on site, so they can fully interact with customers without wasting time trying to locate data or remember to make updates back at the office. The CRM mobile app with automatically sync any updates you make with the ERP system, so you can focus more on the customer.

The Point of Sale (POS) mobile app is equipped with a fully integrated credit card system and a bar code scanner to purchase and track inventory, allowing users to receive payments for merchandise from customers in real time.

Purchasing with abas ERP allows you to stay one step ahead of the competition. You can analyze vendors, parts and purchasing activities more accurately to allow you to strategically manage your ordering processes. You can also improve your procurement processes through evaluations of costs, quality and purchasing efficiency.

In a growing company, it’s tricky to keep track of every document. But abas ERP’s document management system makes all documents easy to find, regardless of their origin. Documents are automatically scanned and placed into audit-compliant archives. The searching ability makes finding and tracking any document easy, with a wide range of search criteria.

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Why the customer determines the course of sales management

The sales teams in many mid-sized companies now rely on the support of customer relationship management (CRM) and document management systems. Yet experience shows: Although the use of modern technologies may well be an important basis for sales success, it doesn't automatically result in increased customer orientation. In the hype surrounding Industry 4.0, companies are focusing on adapting their business models and on product innovations, but in doing so are often neglecting the interface to the customer. In times of global competition, it is no longer enough simply to offer a good product portfolio. Changing expectations among customers are forcing companies to rethink their traditional sales structures and develop innovative marketing and sales processes.

As different studies show, optimizing the customer experience will in future take on greater importance in the corporate strategy than product development or pricing. To put it simply: Sales activities must once again focus on the customer and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Whether B2C or B2B: The customer of tomorrow is more demanding, better informed, better connected. This development will have a significant impact on selling in the B2B area in particular. Already almost half of decision-makers on the customer side are less than 35 years old – a new generation of buyers with a completely different way of communicating and obtaining information. Based on their personal experiences, they have high expectations of the shopping experience, which also influence their professional decision-making criteria when it comes to order placement. They prefer to get information from a webshop rather than a printed product catalog, search for recommendations via social media, communicate using mobile devices and expect immediate answers. On average, the buying process is already 60 percent over by the time a sales employee first comes into play in person. The race isn't necessarily won by the company with the best product, but by the provider offering the best customer experience.

This trend not only requires an excellently maintained database in a CRM software product, but also a sophisticated digital strategy for sales planning, costing and offer management. Marketing, IT and sales will – despite old resentments – have to collaborate significantly more closely in the future to reach the customer at a very early stage of the buying process and provide the right information through the right channels.

The good news: Sales too will benefit from digitization – with new sales channels and new technologies. For example, the behavior and wishes of prospective customers can be analyzed much more accurately than before thanks to BI tools and data sources such as website tracking. And since customer information is centralized in the CRM systems, sales employees are significantly better prepared for sales meetings – even by smartphone or tablet when they're on the go. Mobile marketing will become a strategic competitive advantage, because teams that are able to access all relevant data and documents regardless of time and place are clearly one step ahead in terms of speed.

The fact is: Optimizing sales through innovative strategies and with modern tools is the basis for future sales success. Buying decisions will increasingly be characterized by digitization – whether your own company adapts to it or not.

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