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Purchasing in abas ERP

Quality, delivery time and price: these three critical factors in purchasing are crucial for smooth processes, profitability and competitiveness. abas provides your purchasing department with the professional tools  required for strategic supplier selection and active shaping of your supplier relationships, allowing you to lay the foundations for required parts and materials to be ordered under the best terms and delivered on time.

Your purchasing hub

With abas, you can control your procurement processes efficiently. All ordering processes are fully integrated – from queries and order proposals to purchase orders, goods receipts andinvoicing. You can view, enter, select, edit and approve current purchasing transactions as well as transactions that have already been archived in the DMS. Process automation significantly lightens your workload. abas detects requirements and automatically generates order proposals which can be converted into purchase orders with a single click. abas displays your exact expenditure (production costs, raw material costs, shipping costs, etc) and includes it in the costing for offers, orders and purchase orders.

Making the most of purchasing potential

The supplier files and various BI standard reports help your purchasers to assess suppliers correctly. At a glance, you can assess delivery reliability, complaints, purchasing volumes and price trends and thus identify supplier risks and potentials for the next round of term negotiations. You can also compare the prices, delivery times and terms of different suppliers – all crucial factors in making reliable purchasing decisions.

  • Quick quotations

    abas ERP speeds up and largely automates bidding processes. You can quickly and easily request quotations from multiple vendors and select the best offer.

    Quick quotations
  • Cockpit for purchases

    The purchasing overview provides a role-based display of all relevant information for purchasers. From here you can view and analyze your processes and perform additional actions.

    Purchasing Overview
  • 360° view of vendors

    abas ERP helps you maintain a 360° view of your vendors and enables efficient vendor management. With the help of the Vendor file, you can quickly assess the situation of a vendor and base your decisions on all available information.

    Vendor Overview
  • Business Intelligence in purchasing

    Analyze your processes involving various vendors, economic areas, or product ranges. abas BI provides ready-to-use standard reports and delivers that facts you need to make proactive decisions.

    Business Intelligence in purchasing

Choose functional detail to see more

abas ERP allows you to accelerate your requisition process with our easy-to-use system. You can easily request multiple bids based on the purchase order suggestion generated in our system. Then you can manage your bids and quotes all in one place. This allows for easier decision making as a variety of important factors are readily available.

Purchasing with abas ERP allows you to stay one step ahead of the competition. You can analyze vendors, parts and purchasing activities more accurately to allow you to strategically manage your ordering processes. You can also improve your procurement processes through evaluations of costs, quality and purchasing efficiency.

The relationship between buyers and vendors has become increasingly important. abas ERP allows you to easily manage these relationships by helping to structure these relationships and coordinate processes between you and your vendors. You can evaluate your current situation allowing you to build mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.

Sales planning and forecasting are what keeps you prepared for all future sales and requirements. Long-term, company-wide decisions can be made with confidence when you use abas; as our dynamic planning implementation will adjust to any changes in the short-term. Early identification of trends will keep your business a step ahead.

In a growing company, it’s tricky to keep track of every document. But abas ERP’s document management system makes all documents easy to find, regardless of their origin. Documents are automatically scanned and placed into audit-compliant archives. The searching ability makes finding and tracking any document easy, with a wide range of search criteria.

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How to master the challenges of Procurement 4.0

While the traditional function of purchasing was essentially to procure materials and raw materials, the range of tasks today – and their strategic significance – is significantly greater. 

Purchasing is responsible for up to 70 percent of a company's activities. Globalization and the increasing volatility of the markets are forcing purchasing to reinvent itself in order to further optimize procurement costs. For without a modern purchasing department, digital transformation in mid-sized companies will fail, according to the German Association of Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME). 

Timely procurement of materials and services at the most favorable terms and conditions: The underlying objective of purchasing may not have changed, but digitization has revolutionized both the products to be procured and the processes required to do so. To turn the Internet of Things into an opportunity and convert supply chain automation into added value for the company, Procurement 4.0 will extend far beyond the previous understanding of E-Procurement and digitalized auditing. In the future, purchasing must be able to react in real-time, which means that order management, sales planning and supplier relationship management must also be digitized and automated. Mobile purchasing will become a matter of course – only if you have constant access to your procurement processes can you increase your productivity and remain competitive. 

Operational purchasing processes can become almost completely digitized in future, with the ERP system carrying out automatic processing – controlled and monitored by the strategic procurement team. The traditional job description of a purchaser will change fundamentally. He will become a digital interface manager with a significantly higher degree of technical expertise and greater responsibility for making a value contribution to the company's success. This development offers purchasing the opportunity to reposition itself within the company and strengthen its status. And there's more: As a central interface between internal and external partners in the value creation chain, purchasing can assume the role of pacemaker for Industry 4.0. For example, purchasing will increasingly initiate collaborations with suppliers, in order to guarantee innovations for the company in the field of product development.  

The intelligent use of big data is crucial in Procurement 4.0. Beyond classical market observation, internal and external data must also be structured, analyzed and prepared in such a way that it represents a well-founded decision-making aid for purchasing, whether for comparing delivery reliability to ensure a reliable supplier evaluation or for simple offer comparison during the tender process.

To be fit and ready for these tasks, it will be vital to use a future-proof ERP system that closely connects purchasing with all other departments and external partners and provides innovative tools like business intelligence and predictive analytics.

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