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Project Management

Project Management

Project Management in abas ERP

Whether customer order or internal process: project-based work plays an important role in almost all company functions. Costings must be created, resources planned, tasks coordinated and costs controlled, usually across different areas or even throughout the entire company. abas ERP integrates efficient project management with a wide range of planning, processing and controlling functions – not only for traditional single project planning, but also for controlling challenging multi-projects.

Everything running to plan?

Interactive plans and diagrams enable you to easily manage and visualize project history and project progress. The project file offers your project team an ideal overview of the project status, milestones, personnel, deadlines and budgets. Bottlenecks and deviations from the plan are identified at an early stage and countermeasures can be initiated in good time. The resource planner displays the current capacity of all employees at a glance and enables you to organize their workload with just a few clicks – either manually or based on predefined distribution curves.

Costs under control?

Links with CRM/sales, production, purchasing, materials management and cost accounting mean all relevant departments are involved in project processing. In production especially, project management is a particularly valuable addition as a planning body for all workflows. Machinery and plant manufacturing companies and one-off manufacturers not only benefit from visibility with their processes, but also from comprehensive project cost controlling. MRP, procurement and warehousing are project-based, so that valid statements about current and expected costs, the cost trend and cost occurrence can be made in all project phases, thanks to the project costs calculation. KPI analyses and trend simulations enable flexible costings and minimize typical project risks.

  • Profitably control projects

    abas helps you establish budgets, monitor costs, and predict the effects of changes so you can ensure your project remains profitable.

    Project center
  • Everything according to (project) plan

    With abas Project Management you can centrally plan all aspects of your project, including inspections, releases, or marketing strategies through automated messaging. Identify bottlenecks, particularly in construction, production, assembly and service.

    Project planner
  • Product lifecycles in focus

    You can map your products using integrated project management tools and track which parts were exchanged or added throughout the product's lifecycle.

    project management
  • Project costs under your control

    Access evaluations of your profit situation for completed and active projects throughout the company, and perform liquidity planning cumulated across all projects.

    cost center

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For project-oriented companies, abas ERP’s project management system acts as a control center for every stage of the process. You can easily manage sources and materials, create and analyze your plan, and run evaluations on the profitability of your projects. Analytical processes provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions.

With abas’ project cost accounting, costs are estimated and planned in the form of a budget, which helps with the scheduling and planning of your project. Budget compliance is then monitored throughout the entire project and project-related evaluations are made available to help you manage your projects.

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Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps

How real added value is achieved through integrated project management

Everyday company life consists of handling projects. Small and large, within departments and across sites. To complete projects successfully and on time, many tasks must be monitored simultaneously and teams, milestones, resources and costs must be perfectly coordinated. 

The support of project management software has become indispensable even in many mid-sized companies. Professional project management tools do not forget deadlines, know instantly which employees still have free capacities and can quickly calculate how much of the budget has already been used up. 

But, above all, project management tools facilitate collaboration, for project work is team work. Often, the people involved in a project work in separate rooms – whether within the same office building or across national borders or time zones. Project management software makes it easier to communicate, guarantees a central database and thus improves collaboration. Teams work with shared calendars and Gantt charts, have access to current project data and relevant documents and are always kept informed about the status quo and the project history. The assignment of rights means access authorizations to folders and files can be defined easily, so that sensitive data doesn't get into the wrong hands. And external freelancers can also be integrated easily.

Integrated and easy-to-use time management systems are also a must. In just a few mouse clicks, you can record who spent how long working on which project or task. This offers complete transparency in project controlling and employee utilization and also enables simple management of resources. If defined activities are allocated to employees in the project workflow, the system automatically creates corresponding tasks, which are then displayed in the employees' personal task managers. 

Increasingly complex projects and faster information flows demand a high scope of service from project management tools. A platform that allows seamless communication regardless of time or location is required. Modern tools also offer many visual display options for project structure, project progress and workflows. When planning and processing projects, a wide range of company divisions and data sources have to be networked. Therefore, in order to fully utilize the process optimization potential, project management that is fully integrated in the ERP system is highly recommended. 

This not only prevents redundant data management, but centrally maintained data can be used across all divisions. All integrated functional areas of the ERP system act as information suppliers and recipients at the same time. For example, a production order can be generated directly from the project management system or the material planning for a project can be sent to MRP without a time delay. Delivery deadlines from purchasing can be taken into consideration directly when scheduling milestones in the project workflow. Even the project manager benefits from access to the entire ERP database, as he can create up-to-date planned/actual comparisons down to the smallest detail and can therefore respond to deviations much faster. 

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