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MRP Materials Management

MRP - Materials Management

MRP - Materials Management in abas ERP

Plan order quantities, monitor goods receipts, and store and transport materials: abas ERP helps you to coordinate your flow of goods so that you can speed up your stock turnover and guarantee high readiness to deliver while simultaneously reducing your capital commitment. Professional just-in-time procurement optimizes your warehousing, streamlines the production process, reduces costs and increases your liquidity.

Know what's there

Whether raw materials, finished products, subcontracted materials, auxiliary and operating materials or spare parts, with abas, warehouse management is a breeze. You can keep an eye on all warehouse KPIs, stocks and their current value whatever your warehouse structure – even across several warehouses or locations. Picking, dispatch planning, container management and inventory are processed transparently and efficiently, and common picking strategies like FIFO, LIFO, etc. can be customized to your requirements. Batch management supports the quality requirements of international certification standards while seamlessly and accurately documenting all information about batch origin and batch use along the entire logistics chain, meaning you can guarantee traceability.

Customer satisfaction through adherence to delivery dates

Only well-functioning materials planning guarantees that the required material will be available at the right place at the right time, in the required quantity and quality – the basis for high adherence to schedules and short lead times. With perfect interaction between purchasingsales and production, materials planning automatically generates order and production suggestions, checks compliance with delivery deadlines and reacts to deviations in good time.

  • Efficient warehouse management

    abas ERP helps you map and manage your warehouse and stock levels. Clearly defined warehouses and storage locations accelerate goods receipts and picking as well as optimize scheduling and planning.

    Efficient warehouse management
  • Optimally plan shipping

    Shipping planning in abas ERP optimizes logistics processes, provides greater visibility, shortens storage periods, and saves time and money, ensuring you can deliver to your customers on time and at minimal cost.

    Warehouse Hierarchy from abas ERP interface
  • Seamless lot management

    With abas ERP you can seamlessly track lots along the entire logistics chain. Lot origins and uses are clearly documented, and lot management in abas supports all quality requirements in accordance with international certification standards.

    Seamless lot management
  • Evaluate key figures

    Whether stock levels, stock values, or other key figures from your warehouse, the abas BI standard reports help you stay on top of critical warehouse developments. You can quickly identify fluctuations and monitor long-term product developments—essential factors for optimal planning!

    Evaluate key figures

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Sales have never been easier to manage than with abas ERP. Keep track of your sales process from the potential of an opportunity to the completion of your invoice. The system keeps track of everything from the customer and order information to your inventory levels and delivery information, reducing the possibility of any errors.

The Inventory Management mobile app gives users visibility into their stock levels and purchase history, and allows them to manage inventory more efficiently. With this app, users can view what they have in stock, search for available parts based on location, and interact with vendor data to replenish inventory quickly, all from their mobile device.

Production is the backbone of any manufacturing business. What makes abas ERP so great is that no matter what you are producing, abas can make your processes more efficient and flexible. abas ERP helps you manage the entirety of your production processes; from planning and work preparation all the way through completion confirmations.

abas ERP manages all inventory, helping you coordinate the flow of goods as efficiently as possible. All material movements between vendors, customers, production and warehouses are planned, managed, and controlled through our system. Calculate precise stock levels and make smart decisions using detailed information.

Using abas ERP’s warehouse management system, you can seamlessly  manage all your warehouses and physical stocks. Increase your efficiency by tracking products and materials across various warehouses and locations. Help your logistics team process goods receipts faster with uniquely defined warehouses and storage locations.

Reliable scheduling is the key to keeping your processes running smoothly. Small changes in scheduling can cause major problems if not relayed correctly. With abas scheduling is easily adjustable, running on the net change principle based on your initial calculations. All changes are then automatically updated throughout the system.

Accurate valuation is extremely important because of its role in linking production and accounting. abas ERP’s material cost posting uses precise calculations to determine the exact value of your inventory, regardless of the state of production that your stock currently is in. abas ERP’s flexible system can work with whatever type of stock issue you use to create a real-time valuation of your inventory.

Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps

The demands placed on materials management by digitization

In modern businesses, materials management means much more than just the timely procurement, provision and stocking of materials required for operations. In reality, material planning and logistics also play a role in value creation. Important objectives include minimal capital commitment in the warehouse, quality assurance, reduced procurement costs as well as high readiness to deliver and delivery flexibility. These seemingly contradictory objectives (maximum readiness to deliver with minimal stocks) pose a significant challenge to modern merchandise management. The smart factory too, with its promise of “customized mass production,” will change materials management significantly in the coming years.

In the meantime, transport logistics in all industrial nations have been optimized to the extent that deliveries are now received extremely quickly. This means products are being procured in increasingly small quantities and at increasingly short notice – keyword “just in time.” However, this concept can only work if all of the departments involved, such as purchasing, production and sales, are closely networked with materials management. After all, what is the use of delivering the required materials so quickly if there is then a significant delay before they are posted in goods receipt, or if quality assurance approval keeps you waiting, a defect is not noticed, or is noticed too late, and production is delayed? Without a professional ERP system, this is a problem that is nearly impossible to solve.

Efficient materials management will not succeed in future without digitization, and the concept of the “mobile warehouse” will also become standard. The use of mobile devices speeds up warehousing processes noticeably, offering a full overview of the warehouse at all times. Walking routes are shortened, picking errors are minimized and the warehouse is better utilized. Material movements can be initiated and checked directly from your smartphone or tablet, and paper lists and tedious manual data entry become a thing of the past. 

Material requirements planning too benefits from access to a central database that is always up-to-date. At the heart of materials management, it exerts a significant influence on the development of stocks, readiness for delivery, capacity utilization and lead times – and thus on the efficiency of the value creation chain along the supply chain. 

And what about digital transformation? In the warehouse of the future, every pallet and every tray will know its current stock. Stock management of the future will receive real-time information about material movements from smart logistics properties. Warehouse employees will pick items with smart data goggles, drones will carry out urgent deliveries, containers will communicate with machines: it's all conceivable, much is already feasible, and some is still just a vision. It won't be about trying out everything blind – but, to remain competitive, mid-sized companies must stay up-to-date and make quick strategic decisions about which technologies make sense for their own business model.

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