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ERP Production Planning & Control

ERP Production Planning & Control

With ever shorter lead times and increasing price pressure, the challenges of make-to-order manufacturing and complex variant management is clear: even mid-sized companies are must optimize their production processes in order to compete. That's why ERP production planning and control (PPC) is at the heart of the abas ERP system for modern production companies.

Efficiency through automation

With abas ERP, you have your entire order management system on the screen. With one click, you can convert automatically generated production proposals into work orders and, by approving them, trigger job tickets, route cards, picking lists and an availability check. The capacity plan provides a complete overview of machine utilization, bottlenecks and backlogs, and, when work steps are shifted, immediately takes into account the impact on MRP. Conflicts are identified at an early stage and you can act instead of simply reacting.

Production under control

Since medium-sized suppliers are becoming increasingly involved in their customers' product development, the subject of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is gaining importance. The development and production of complex products at different sites with a large number of people involved requires significant coordination effort. A central database ensures that your team has access to the latest CAD data, drawings and specifications at all times. You can trace the version history seamlessly over many years to check what was developed or changed and when.

With abas ERP Production Planning & Control, your production processes become much more streamlined and you can increase value creation in production.

  • Central production control

    All the threads come together in the production center: Review work order suggestions and work orders, edit them directly, and trigger additional actions.

    ERP Production Planning
  • Identify bottlenecks

    With the abas capacity planning function, you can identify bottlenecks early on and take the appropriate action. This includes rescheduling sales orders or operations and reviewing the the effect it will have in a table or graphical display.

    Identify bottlenecks
  • Mobile plant data collection

    The abas mobile cycle count app enables you to quickly and easily record plant data on the shop floor using tablets, mobile devices and hand-held scanners.

    cycle count
  • CAD/PDM integration

    With the CAD/PDM connector, abas offers a process-oriented system integration for nearly every CAD/PDM/PLM solution, facilitating the bidirectional exchange of development data and ERP data.

    CAD/PDM integration

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The Time Clock Interface (TCI) mobile app provides users with an easy, accessible way of clocking in and out, as well as logging the hours they spend on each particular job. This gives managers visibility into their employee’s productivity, enabling them to identify workflow patterns and optimize the way that jobs are assigned.


Production is the backbone of any manufacturing business. What makes abas ERP so great is that no matter what you are producing, abas can make your processes more efficient and flexible. abas ERP helps you manage the entirety of your production processes; from planning and work preparation all the way through completion confirmations.

With abas ERP, managing work orders has never been easier. With our simple and convenient dashboard, you can customize your work order management to suit your business needs. Quickly detect and resolve any bottlenecks or stocking issues. A graphical view into your work order status and plans is provided to help you easily manage your work orders.

abas ERP’s integrated time recording/job time management system allows your employees to easily record labor data from anywhere. From terminals or mobile devices, employees can enter in their data which is automatically synced into your system. All the labor data is then made available for statistical analysis, capacity planning or financing.

abas ERP comes fully equipped with simple CAD integration. Through a CAD integration add-on, abas ERP can work with any leading CAD software suite. This allows easy workflow integration that doesn’t limit the potential of your engineers. Once engineers have designed a product, they can transfer it to the ERP system with three simple clicks.

Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps

Why networked production doesn't work without a ERP Production Planning System

To succeed in global competition, there is increased pressure on the production industry to continuously optimize quality, costs and efficiency. High stock levels must be avoided to reduce capital commitment, while at the same time customers demand high delivery reliability with short delivery times and an increasing choice of variants. This conflict requires the perfect planning of personnel and material resources, in order to shorten lead times while maintaining consistently high quality. In-house programs or outdated software solutions reach their limits when managing increasingly large data volumes from a range of internal and external data sources, when flexible mapping and management of increasingly complex production processes are required. Add to that the challenge of “make-to-order” manufacturing, which requires a new definition of “optimal utilization.” Unforeseeable employee absences or machine downtimes, delivery difficulties when materials are required urgently or last-minute orders make everyday production planning even harder. Whether make-to-order production, mass production or series production: streamlining by using professional IT solutions for ERP production planning and control (PPC) can make a big difference. Studies show that production companies that use the right software solutions stay ahead of the competition. In comparison with competitors, they are up to ten percent better off when it comes to reducing production costs, increasing the net profit margin and ensuring delivery reliability.

Production planning, in close collaboration with sales planning, defines which products can be produced in which quantities at which times – with a planning horizon of between 6 months and 2 years, depending on the industry. The production plan is used as the basis for capacity planning and purchasing. The aim of material control is to provide the right quantity in the right quality at the right place and at the right time. The close link between suppliers and external manufacturers (supply chain management) forms the basis for a competitive value creation chain, and connecting all departments and partners involved via a fully integrated ERP Production Planning system is also key. With optimal capacity planning, orders are processed effectively and machine idle times are avoided. To achieve this, order, warehouse and HR data must be merged effectively. Current data from the production data acquisition system (PDA) is therefore included in the calculation of lead times - from HR data to order data and machine data. The entire production order management process is also automated, from printing route cards and stock requisition cards to confirming order times.

Increasingly short innovation cycles require efficient documentation and management of product data and product changes. Modern ERP solutions therefore offer the possibility of integrating the entire product life cycle into production planning and control, either through the integration of CAD programs or through the integration of PLM or PDM systems. The efficiency of product development is therefore improved through central management of design data and control is optimized across all processes in the product life cycle.

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