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Document Management

Document Management

Document Management in abas ERP

Did you know that your employees spend up to 30 percent of their working time searching for information? Regardless of the industry or company size, a variety of documents play an important role: proposals, delivery notes, invoices, contracts, correspondence, drawings or memos, original hard copy documents and digital files. Decentralized storage of documents in files and e-mail systems, on hard drives and mobile storage devices results in time-consuming searches, redundant storage and inefficient workflows. The abas DMS document management system helps you to manage this increasing flood of information.

Finding, not searching

Business processes can only run smoothly if your employees can access all relevant documents quickly and easily. abas ERP stores all documents – whether scanned hard copy documents or electronic documents – centrally in the DMS, where they can be categorized and linked to orders, projects or customers. You can gain a complete overview of the latest versions of all documents belonging to a business process in just a matter of seconds via a simple search query.

abas DMS – your information hub

Documents from abas ERP are archived automatically, hard copy documents are scanned and – just like imported digital documents – indexed according to the criteria of the abas databases. Of course, abas DMS meets all the requirements of long-term, audit-compliant archiving. Document management couldn't be simpler or more reliable!

  • Central data storage

    All documents are centrally stored in abas DMS—whether they are scanned paper documents or digital documents. The documents are linked to a sales order, project, or customer, ensuring all information in connection with a business process is available.

    abas DMS
  • Optimized business process

    Document-based processes are digitally processed and mapped quickly and securely using a predefined workflow.

    Optimized business process
  • Reliably archived

    Revision-proof archiving is particularly necessary for tax-relevant information as well as certificates and contracts. abas DMS meets all requirements for a legally conform, forgery-proof, and long-term archive.

    Reliably archived
  • Electronic invoices

    abas DMS supports the creation of e-Invoices and e-Credit notes and automates sending and receiving invoices electronically, while meeting all legal requirements in connection with e-Invoices.

    Electronic invoices

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In a growing company, it’s tricky to keep track of every document. But abas ERP’s document management system makes all documents easy to find, regardless of their origin. Documents are automatically scanned and placed into audit-compliant archives. The searching ability makes finding and tracking any document easy, with a wide range of search criteria.

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The advantages of linking document management and ERP

Invoices, delivery notes, contracts, e-mails, minutes: ERP systems control company processes that are based on a large variety of hard copy and digital documents. Despite progressive digitization, it is still common practice in many companies to print out documents, copy them and store them in folders. Even digital documents, such as files or e-mails are – often in different versions – stored on decentralized hard disks or at the e-mail provider. The consequence of this is a growing mountain of information, which results in inefficient workflows, a high error rate and increasing costs. 

Document management systems (DMS) record and manage these documents and, if necessary, merge them with documents from external systems. To link these two systems in the most efficient manner possible, the obvious answer is to use an integrated solution. 

The automatic archiving of all documents created in the ERP system is a significant advantage. Incoming documents are recorded in the DMS by predefined workflows. This significantly increases efficiency, as cost-intensive and error-prone manual data entry is no longer required to process hard copy documents. The information is available in the ERP system quickly and without media discontinuities, and all employees work with a uniform database, which is always up to date. Professional document management systems ensure audit-proof and legally compliant archiving of tax-relevant documents so that you are always prepared for tax audits.

Yet digital document management is much more than just storage of documents – it provides state-of-the-art information logistics. Document management systems bundle information from a wide range of sources to form intelligent objects referred to as “electronic files”, on customers or suppliers for example. All documents from your own ERP system and from external systems are recorded, checked and full-text indexed by the DMS. Later keyword searches are made easier by the addition of metadata, such as the author, department or date of last change. Searches are completed with just a few mouse clicks, and all processes for selected customers or suppliers are transparent and fully traceable, complete with version control. Users are armed with information in an instant and can pay greater attention to their core tasks thanks to the time saved that would otherwise have been spent on archiving and searching. 

It is important to remember that a lot of company data is sensitive and must be protected accordingly. By implementing a graduated rights allocation system, you can specify exactly who has access to which data and electronic files. 

A document management system is a company's information center and kills three birds with one stone: cost-effective document archiving, fast availability of information and optimized business processes. Integrated solutions avoid media discontinuities, speed up workflows and shorten throughput times. This makes daily work significantly easier and increases employee productivity. The size of a company is of minor importance when determining the relevance of a DMS – the crucial factors are the quantity of information to be managed, the document types and sources, and the individual workflows.

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