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Business Process Management

Business Process Management in abas ERP

Every day, your employees carry out a large number of routine activities. With professional workflow management, these processes can be improved, standardized and simplified. Fixed, defined workflows shorten processing times, reduce errors and guarantee reliable release processes. abas Workflow provides a graphical tool for intuitive modeling, automation and monitoring of your individual workflows – all without the need for programming knowledge.

Process optimization made easy
From procurement logistics to the ticket system, from marketing to intelligent maintenance – the possibilities are endless. abas Workflow adapts to your specific business workflows and visualizes even complex process chains. The basic principle is simple: Every process is broken down into its component parts, which are connected logically and in a time sequence. The individual tasks are provided with deadlines and priorities and assigned to employees or a processing group, who are sent reminders of imminent To Dos.You have a complete overview of all active workflows and their statuses at all times. In just a few clicks, you can evaluate processing times for the individual steps and analyze bottlenecks in the process chain – outstanding incentives for further process optimization.

As automated as possible, as flexible as necessary
Based on the established BPMN 2.0 standard, you can define a range of triggers for process initiation. Workflow management goes far beyond rigidly working through tasks. Using rules, you can configure variable if-then scenarios, which react dynamically to current events or selected data, e.g. from controlling, the customer or supplier file, machine sensors, etc. So, for example, an offer can automatically be sent to different supervisors for approval depending on the order value, or a sales campaign can be planned according to the customer-specific order volume.

  • Optimize processes, design workflows

    With abas Workflow, business leadership and administrators can easily design new workflows and processes that are fully integrated in existing abas ERP functions.

    Optimize processes, design workflows
  • Efficiently process tasks

    Deep integration enables users to perform assigned tasks through existing abas ERP dashboards. The tasks can be easily understood, prioritized and performed.

    Efficiently process tasks

Choose functional detail to see more

Managing workflow is crucial for ensuring that your processes run smoothly and efficiently. With abas ERP’s Workflow Designer, managers and designers can easily create, edit and customize processes with a very user-friendly graphical editor. The analytics function will also help you optimize your productivity.

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Why is Business Process Management more relevant than ever before?

Due to globalized competition, high cost pressure and growing quality requirements from customers, companies are being forced to continuously optimize their processes. In search of potential savings and improvements, the principle of CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) has become increasingly important and applies in particular to company workflows. The aim is not to replace the underlying process, but to achieve permanent optimization of the existing workflows.

Business Process Management (BPM) may not be a new discipline, but increasingly agile business models with ever shorter process “half lives” mean there are now new requirements of the tools being used. Business units need the flexibility to define, control and optimize their own processes. Workflow management must be positioned wherever process knowledge is greatest, so that the necessary adjustments can be incorporated into the process control quickly. That's why modern solutions enable process modeling directly in the teams. Uniform standards such as BPM 2.0 and intuitive workflow designers are not optional, they're compulsory. 

Professional workflow management standardizes, controls and speeds up the processing paths of recurring business processes from investment releases to the inspection of technical drawings and even the handling of customer complaints. Previously individual workflows are now executed as automatically as possible, thanks to a predefined workflow with standardized task assignments: “Who does what when?” All steps are recorded, structured, visualized and monitored. By means of freely defined rules, scenarios and time sequences, the process workflow adapts dynamically to changing conditions. Those involved in the process are informed of upcoming tasks and status changes in good time, thus shortening lead times and minimizing processing errors. 

BPM displays its full potential wherever employees have to share information, processes are complex or dynamic, and quality and speed are of the utmost importance. However, a workflow management system alone is not a cure-all for organizational deficits in the company! It is not for nothing that the introduction of a BPM tool also requires intensive analysis of business processes – it provides a good opportunity to rethink old workflows, copy over tried and tested systems and improve weaknesses. Visualizations in the workflow designers document the status quo and reveal runtimes and bottlenecks.

Single solution or complete solution? Fully-integrated worfklow management has proven its worth: Not only does it guarantee an inter-departmental exchange of information with all functional areas of the ERP system, but the employees are already familiar with the user interface.  

The standardized BPM 2.0 graphical notation offers a collection of predefined elements for activities, events and message flows. Processes can be modeled and visualized in a common “language” by means of drag & drop, with no need for any programming experience. The advantage: The diagrams are easy to understand, transparent for all those involved, and facilitate communication between the specialist departments and IT. 

To remain competitive in the future too, companies must act and work faster, more flexibly, more cost-effectively and with higher quality. Efficient process control can and will make an important contribution.

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