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Business Intelligence & Analytics

BI & Analytics

Business Intelligence & Analytics in abas ERP

Being able to make the right decisions quickly is an important success factor in dynamic, globalized markets. Only companies that use and interpret mass data strategically – and can convert it into valuable information – can stay one step ahead of the competition.

abas BI: Integrated, intelligent, intuitive

With abas BI (business intelligence) your data is well organized and easily accessible. Instead of having to manually merge data from a number of different sources, abas BI, in combination with abas ERP, allows for convenient reporting. Sophisticated dashboards visualize your data, evaluations, and KPIs, ensuring maximum visibility into your business' scheduling, cost planning, procurement, lead times and financial figures. You can identify trends and risks at an early stage, seize opportunities, detect weaknesses and optimize processes. 

Whether project management or materials management, production or sales – each of your departments supplies different data and requires different reports. In abas ERP, the relevant data from all business processes is merged centrally and supplemented with external data if necessary. Business intelligence filters this information according to requirements and intuitively delivers evaluations from the desired perspective: global or departmental, for selected customers or products, by cost center or by date.

In addition to BI standard reports, you and your employees can generate custom reports and analyses at any time. With our user-friendly self service BI, you can create individual data cubes in no time and without technical expertise. Intuitive, flexible and timely.

  • Make informed decisions

    abas BI provides precise decision templates. Identify trends early, perform analyses, and create evaluations with Business Intelligence and make decisions based on the results.

  • Ready-to-use BI reports

    BI standard reports for the areas of sales, purchasing, CRM, materials management, and EDI are all integrated in abas ERP. In addition to BI standard reports, individual reports with freely definable dimensions are available separately.

    Purchasing cockpit
  • Professional reporting and dashboards

    Quickly perform flexible analyses to receive valuable information you need to monitor and control your business.

    BI CRM
  • Self-service BI

    Easily create custom reports and analyses without any experience with data modeling.


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abas ERP’s Business Intelligence (BI) gives you the data analytics tools you need to set business goals, and make decisions that’ll help get you reach them. Varying from reporting tools to dashboards and evaluations, BI provides you with the functions you need to properly analyze all of your data, enabling you to manage your company efficiently.

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Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps

How business intelligence contributes to value creation

By 2020, an estimated 50 billion devices will be connected worldwide in the Internet of Things. Driven by the exponential growth of data volumes in digitized companies, there is increasing demand for business intelligence software and big data tools. Awareness of the (often still untapped) potential within a company's own data is constantly growing. Just because someone collects large volumes of data, does not mean they are necessarily better informed. On the contrary, they will find it much more difficult to get a clear overview of the wealth of data. The functions offered by Excel sheets alone are not up to the task. Companies need professional analytics tools to combine, strategically filter, evaluate and prepare the data collected from the ERP system in conjunction with external sources. Only if the data can be used to derive added value for process and business understanding does the flood of data turn to gold.

The aim is not only to make your own company more transparent, but to make the market and your competitors more transparent, optimize processes and thus increase value creation. Business intelligence enables you to make well-founded decisions based on cutting-edge data and thus helps to reduce costs and minimize risks.  

Yet the areas of use extend far beyond finance, management and corporate control – almost all corporate divisions benefit from the possibilities of business intelligence:
In sales and marketing, customers and prospective customers can be analyzed accurately and segmented according to a range of different criteria, so that marketing campaigns and sales activities can be planned with much greater focus on specific target groups. Dynamic price adjustments through current knowledge of the market and competition are simplified, and slow sellers in the product range are identified at the push of a button. Supply chains can be continuously optimized through evaluation of supplier performance, while bottlenecks and obstacles in the production process can be identified more quickly. Analysis of complaints and service is incorporated directly into improving the product quality. In logistics, demand forecasts help prevent surpluses and deficits in the warehouse, improve supply readiness and minimize capital commitment.

The interactive visualization of data supports analytical thinking – a big advantage over reporting in purely tabular form. Information can be found more quickly, while trends and outliers can be identified at a glance. Good analytics tools are also characterized by an intuitive user interface, so that even users without programming knowledge can perform “self-service” analyses.

When choosing a BI tool, integrated solutions that offer maximum data transparency and incorporate the reporting directly into the dashboard have proven their worth. Mobile BI access guarantees that reports are available any time, any place – in combination with the Cloud, also beyond company limits and national borders.

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