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Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Advanced Planning & Scheduling in abas ERP

Between rising costs, raw material scarcities, increasingly complex manufacturing processes, and customers' growing demands for quality, the value of agility has never been greater. Whether your business specializes in mass production, small series or make-to-order, abas ERP offers sophisticated tools to help your team efficiently plan and manage your production processes.

Production nerve center

The informative overview of deadlines, materials and capacities available in APS  (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) gives you access to the data you need and enables you to intervene in production as necessary—from planning your resources, work prep and releases to monitoring production processes and reporting work order completions. abas ERP manages product variants and subcontractors, provides automatic work order suggestions, and coordinates combined production. The tight-knit connection of production to purchasing and scheduling guarantees seamless material flow with minimized capital commitment and ensures sales orders are fulfilled on time.

Detailed planning at its finest

The enormous quantity of data and interdependencies within production departments complicate production planning and control (PPC) as well as short-term changes or new product specifications in the production process. For this reason abas ERP supplements PPC with precise, forward-looking detailed planning: The APS system uses the current situation to provides analyses, visualizations and simulations to help you make proactive decisions. APS significantly improves production processes, particularly when it comes to sequence and capacity planning.

The advantage: abas maps all production processes in a fully integrated infrastructure and increases the transparency and efficiency in production.

  • Everything for production at a glance

    The role-based production overview displays all relevant processes, deadlines, materials and capacities. With a single click you can jump to other applications and perform actions there, such as processing active work orders and work order suggestions, reporting job completions, amending production lists, and adjusting machine loading and scheduling.

    production overview
  • Detailed planning with abas APS

    abas APS assists your production team and helps them quickly identify material and capacity bottlenecks and take necessary actions. The detailed planning tool visualizes processes, materials and capacities to keep you on top of the situation.

    Planner overview
  • Capacity for more?

    The capacity view provides a graphical display of all resources with their corresponding load levels during various periods. A traffic light system enables you to quickly assess the situation, and gain access to details that are readily available.

    abas erp capacity evaluation abas erp
  • Variant production made easy

    It's important to be able to map you special production structures in an ERP system, especially if you are variant and a job-lot manufacturer. abas ERP enables efficient product variant management. Standard, alternative or supplementary product structures can be easily maintained.

    APS Visualization

Choose functional detail to see more

One of the keys to success in any market is proper planning, which is a process and not an event. abas’ Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system allows for faster and more effective planning through the use of visualizations. This allows any bottlenecks or necessary changes to be immediately visible.

Production is the backbone of any manufacturing business. What makes abas ERP so great is that no matter what you are producing, abas can make your processes more efficient and flexible. abas ERP helps you manage the entirety of your production processes; from planning and work preparation all the way through completion confirmations.

Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) is one of the main factors in ensuring that every order runs smoothly. abas’  MRP allows you to keep your customers satisfied with reliable scheduling for deliveries, while keeping your costs as low as possible through precise stock level and storage cost management.

Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps

How APS differs from traditional production planning

While traditional PPC systems back-schedule process steps based on a given mix of orders with unlimited resources, APS systems work dynamically. Events in production are taken into account immediately and the production plan is adapted. Production control can reap equally big benefits from the use of APS systems: When the PPC system reaches the limits of its flexibility in detailed scheduling and is too slow to coordinate the large amount of work processes, the advanced panning system takes over. 

The planning horizon in detailed scheduling is significantly shorter than in rough scheduling – it can range from a single shift to a week, depending on the industry and product portfolio. The particular challenge of detailed scheduling lies in the dynamic nature of the planning principles and resources, as materials, deadlines, tools, personnel and machines are constantly changing. To guarantee a realistic calculation of (and compliance with) delivery deadlines, the latest data must be incorporated into the processing sequences. Real-time synchronization with ERP data provides all the required sales, purchasing, MRP and logistics data.

Modern APS software contains optimization algorithms based on free parameters, such as priority, deadline or set-up time. The processing sequence is adapted automatically, the availability of all resources is checked and the planner is notified of any conflicts. The planner can keep track of all production processes and can identify bottlenecks immediately thanks to the visualization in the electronic “control room.” Are there any system incidents, deadline changes, urgent orders, delivery delays or absent personnel? Which machines are not fully utilized; where is material in short supply? When are the scheduled maintenance intervals for which machines or tools, and what will the impact be on production? Are adequately trained personnel available for a special shift? If there is a need for action, possible alternatives can be run through in an instant in “what if” simulations, and various scenarios can be compared. 

Companies with complex order networks, a large number of work processes and variants, complicated set-up processes or a disproportionately high number of bottlenecks will benefit in particular from the use of modern, largely automated detailed scheduling. The greater planning accuracy and faster response times minimize buffer times, reduce set-up times, optimize inventories and ensure that machines and personnel are better utilized. Project management in production is made easier, production costs fall and delivery reliability increases. 

The requirements of detailed scheduling will increase as “lean production,” Industry 4.0 and smart factory become ever more prevalent. The ability to make increasingly flexible and delicate reconfiguration of the production system results in constantly changing parameters in planning – this must be accounted for by production control, while also achieving the fastest possible return on investment. It must therefore be expected that integrated APS solutions in particular will see further adoption at SMEs.

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