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Selection guide: The right ERP for manufacturers

ERP manufacturers

Are you searching for the right questions to ask the ERP providers and practical advices to select the right ERP for manufacturers? Then go on reading. Whether industrial manufacturing, process industry, automotive industry or high-tech: Many manufacturers are currently upgrading their ERP landscape and looking for new solutions. Their choice has to be well thought through, after all it must last 15 years or longer.

This check-list presents the key questions that manufacturers should ask ERP vendors:

ERP for manufacturers: Is the software a real industry solution?

The ERP software should have been developed specifically for the manufacturing industry and meet its specific requirements for different production types. The best thing is for companies to look for similar reference customers who really use the software for their industry-typical processes - and not just in accounting or human resources.

Does the vendor understand the industry of the manufacturer?

Without comprehensive industry know-how, the vendor cannot develop, implement and support with customized support. They should be able to demonstrate their industry expertise and ideally, be active in industry associations and committees.

Is the software easy to use for manufacturers?

Employees will only use the software intensively and happily if it enables them to interact easily. In modern solutions, occasional users will be able to use KI chatbots to quickly and easily obtain the required information or carry out actions via voice and text input.

Is important and critical information being clearly visualized?

The manufacturers must be able to make the right decisions quickly. Decision makers from the production hall to the executive floor therefore need graphically visualized, real-time information that provides them with deep insights and enables swift action.

Do the mobile solutions offer added value?

Mobile solutions are now standard features of an ERP software. But they shouldn´t just copy the desktop interfaces for smartphones or tablets. Only solutions that are specifically adapted to the context in which users are in their mobile situations offer real added value.

Does the software support digitization?

The ERP software should provide manufacturers with a modern digital core that enables them to benefit from disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotic Process Automation. The solution should continuously adapt with new technologies.

Can the software handle growth and acquisitions?

Manufacturers are moving in an increasingly dynamic environment, constantly opening up new markets. The ERP software for manufacturers must therefore be able to seamlessly integrate new departments, locations or acquisitions - also worldwide. This ranges from suitable master data management to support for international languages, currencies and regulations.

Is the software easily modifiable?

To react quickly to changing conditions, manufacturers need ERP software that is easy to adapt. A suitable architecture can ensure that new processes can be realized through configuration and customizing instead of complex programming.

Is there flexibility in the operating models?

On-premise, in the cloud or hybrid: Manufacturers should have the freedom to choose between the different operating models; and, above all, be flexible when their plans or requirements change.

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