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Alme AG is an international supplier for mechanical engineering and the automotive industry. Production mostly takes place according to customized solutions or small batches. Their focus on precision in the production of special machines, components, rollers for digital printing, and prototypes as well as their high production depth required the implementation of a new business management solution in 2007. Many processes were optimized during the transition to abas ERP. All business processes were sped up and the number of work steps was reduced. Alme uses the following abas functions: CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Materials Management, Scheduling, Production Planning/Production, Costing, Material Costs Posting, Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting/Project Cost Accounting, Fixed Asset Accounting and Controlling. With the abas ERP Alme is now to accept and create orders quickly, generate BOMs and operation plans, provide them with processing notes, and pass them on to production.

Fast Facts

Custom Manufacturing
Industrial Machinery
Fabrication and Assembly
Metal Fabrication
Serial Production
Customer since: 
May, 2007
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abas ERP is easy to use and the standard is an option for all users. With discipline, a manufacturer can get the most out of abas without needing expensive support hours and without stressing themselves over permission problems. The open Linux system requires very little maintenance. At 8 years and counting, the lifecycle of the hardware at Alme is already long and extremely economical. The performance losses on our old server are minimal. abas ERP provides all functions that we need, it is flexible, easy to use and adjustments can be made extremely quickly.
Christian Tännler, CEO, ALME AG
Manufacture and assembly of high-precision machine components and modules
Alme Engineering
Project Highlights: 
  • Alme uses the plant data and attendance time recording as well as the payroll expansions.
  • Detailed information is available promptly, including monthly closings, hour counts, and final costings. Materials management and stock level can be called in real time.
  • abas ERP is also used in project development. The B2C product "edm-putter" for gilfers is one example. Visit
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