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Workflow Management

Managing your workflows is essential to keeping productivity high and your processes running smoothly. Workflow management keeps your employees organized, ensures that managers have an overview of their processes, and drives the overall success of your business. This is why it’s crucial to have tools that enable you to manage your workflows efficiently on a daily basis.

Workflow management in abas
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Workflow Management with abas ERP


Customize processes:

Allows designers to define processes according to detailed specifications based on the task at hand.

Adapts to the customizations of your ERP system
Increases control over each process
Save time:

Reduces errors and deviations, and training time for users.

Gives managers complete control of daily operations

The Workflow Editor

The abas ERP Workflow Editor is a plugin that gives managers and administrators the ability to easily create new workflows and processes that integrate with existing functions in abas ERP.

Because of this tight integration, users can perform their assigned tasks directly from their existing abas ERP dashboard, making the tasks simple to track, prioritize and perform. Process managers benefit from the Workflow Editor as well because they gain complete visibility into where each of their active processes stands, and which steps have been completed.

The Workflow Editor

Components of the Workflow Editor

The Workflow Editor contains four major parts including the designer tool, the process manager, the management function, and the analytics function. With the Workflow Editor, you can:

  • Clearly define your processes and optimize your most valuable resource: your employees
  • Create new workflows with the easy-to-use graphical editor
  • Complete integration with abas ERP functions
  • Give manager visibility into their processes
  • Prioritize your list of tasks and approvals for each user’s part of the process integrated into existing abas ERP dashboard

The Workflow Designer

  • A tool used by the system administrator to initiate a new process and give them control over its structure

  • Enables the administrator to create the steps of a workflow process that need to be taken- these will appear on the user’s graphical workflow editor, which is integrated into their abas ERP dashboard

  • Allows the administrator to determine which user is responsible for each step, and can designate process managers to approve those steps

  • Gives the administrator complete visibility into the progress of a project, such as approvals and process status
The Workflow Designer
The Process Manager

The Process Manager

  • A tool used by the workflow supervisors to administer ongoing processes.

  • Gives the ability to review and audit tasks performed by users on each of the processes.

  • Troubleshooting tools allow you to unlock a process, which might have been gotten stuck during the design process
  • Workflows integrated in the ERP system

    With abas Workflow, which is fully integrated in abas ERP, you can design new processes and workflows. This is done with the help of a user-friendly, graphical editor. Users can then efficiently perform their tasks using dashboards.

  • Optimally task team members

    abas Workflow helps you optimally task your team members. Because in the end, your team is your most valuable asset. abas Workflow makes your daily tasks simpler and helps you avoid error using clearly defined process definitions and workflows.

  • Process overview

    abas Workflow helps you, as a business leader, stay on top of your active processes and their current statuses. You'll have your processes under your control.

    workflow analytics

Workflow Dashboard

  • Integrates into the user’s abas ERP dashboard by notifying them when they have a new task to complete.

  • Displays the required steps of an operation that the users should take, as created by the workflow designer

  • Where users perform the required steps of an operation which will get sent to the designated process manager for approval, and continue to the next step of the process

  • Notifies the user if the manager disapproves a task so the user knows to do that step again
Workflow Dashboard
Analytics Function

Analytics Function

  • Analyzes workflow data to allow managers to identify who is best suited for a task so they can reoptimize their processes and increase productivity

  • Displays the total number of models, finished processes, tasks performed, forced completed tasks, and users involved

  • Shows which percentage of processes are on time versus delayed

  • Shows the workload assigned to each employee

  • Displays the percentage of tasks each employee completes on time, along with their average delay time


  • Due dates

  • Convergent and divergent split processes

  • Import/export models

  • A wide range of troubleshooting

  • Maintenance and reporting tools for managers

  • Time management function allows managers to assign time limits to tasks

  • Analytics function that analyzes workflow data

  • Time management function allows process managers to assign a time limit for the completion of a task to stabilize productivity.

  • Audit trail traces activity of current and past workflow processes to display how much time the process took and who was involved

  • Users can create and save templates with automated steps that they perform daily



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