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Concept2’s Rowing Oars to be used in the Rio Olympics


Did you know that many of the rowing oars that will be used in the upcoming Rio Olympics are going to be ones manufactured by abas ERP customer, Concept2?

Diving into ERP: getting started as a new user


So, you’ve spent months during implementation getting to know abas ERP and tailoring it to your needs so that when the highly anticipated day of your go-live

study up on ERP with abas Academy

Study up on abas Academy


Right now through the end of 2016, abas Academy will offer almost a dozen different classes and workshops, all designed to enhance ERP software integration, utilization and performance. This post explores some of the upcoming courses.

The Indian Automotive Market – Positioning for Growth


The automotive industry in India is one of the largest in the world with an annual production of 23.37 million vehicles in FY 2014-15, following a growth of


Webinar: New logistics concept (NLK) by VW affects EDI solutions


Audi and the complete Volkswagen Group have established a new logistics concept in the past years - NLK (new logistics concept).

ERP yazılımı sorunun bir parçası olduğunda

What happens when ERP goes wrong


When prospective clients meet with us to begin integrating abas ERP into their operations, we noticed they almost always come from one of three software environments before making the switch to us. In this post, we explore each situation and breakdown exactly what issues businesses face under these conditions.

Perlite producer Silbrico selects abas ERP software


Silbrico, one of the largest single-site perlite manufacturer in the world, selected abas ERP software for its expertise in multiple industries and EDI funct

The right data can fuel huge gains in the manufacturing sector.

Big Data in Manufacturing


Applying big data principles to manufacturing processes can unlock major productivity and financial gains by providing organizations with accurate, timely data.

İçerik ve büyük veri yönetimi

Context holds the key to putting big data into action


Big data has been generating plenty of discussion as the next big enterprise technology trend. But like many IT advances, making a tech upgrade doesn't inherently drive business value. Instead, you must develop strategies to align new IT functionality with everyday processes and workflows.

abas ERP Web GUI coming Soon!


The latest development from the abas engineers: a web interface for abas ERP! Watch in the upcoming months for the launch of the new browser-based interface.

abas ERP and SaaS


The abas USA development team has been developing a new SaaS (Software as a Service) version of abas ERP.

Designing a product with CPQ

Seeing is believing: What is CPQ software?


CPQ software visualizes custom manufacturing orders by providing sales representatives and customers with digital tools to build solutions from scratch, then convert the results into sales quickly and at a greater value to both the vendor and the buyer. Find out how CPQ can help drive revenue for your business. 

Why training is crucial to your company’s success


With ERP, there’s always something new to learn. abas USA has an on-site training academy where training workshops are provided to customers to help them maximize their usage of abas ERP.

What's your problem?! Part 5: The claustrophobe


When you have an in-the-box ERP and you’re running an out-of-the-box business, it can feel like the system you’re using just isn’t the right fit.

Büyük veriyi etkin kullanmak için 5 adım

5 Steps to Making your Big Data Useful


 How much potentially business-changing data is collecting dust on your servers right now? And how can you begin to use that data? I this article, we explore the 5 steps to making the most of your big data.

abas 2016 - die Größte und Wichtigste abas Konferenz 2016

The biggest + most important abas conference in 2016


Bigger, better, more informative than ever—and for the first time in the easy-to-reach THE SQUAIRE Conference Center at the Frankfurt airport: abas 2016 – Th



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